big fish around noosa
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Winds tough to pick but big fish around Noosa

Now is the time to start thinking about trying to target other bigger species. The most obvious target are cobia and jewfish and there are certainly some big fish around. They love big live baits on bigger hooks which should see snapper and pearlies bypass such offerings. They are also a sucker for big slow pitch jigs and soft plastics. Snapper tend to like lures slowed down and fished closer to the bottom, but a big Jewie will come off the bottom to grab one. Big cobia will hunt a soft plastic right to the boat and a slow jigged streakz in Smokey Shad is the perfect baitfish colour. Run around 30lb braid and leader to get the best action with 1oz of jighead in deeper waters. Come in and ask us how to fish slow pitch lures including the newer Shimano sardine waver if going to Double Island and beyond. DI is home to a great range of species not often found in the local Noosa areas. The reefs are extensive and drop off very quickly. Inside Tin Can you can cast to queenfish and tailor or run the flats for whiting, trevally and flathead. If going offshore the deeper waters are home to unstoppable fish including AJ’s and Kingies which will jump on lures and soft plastics, making now a great time to try something new.

Surf fishing will see an improvement with the wind and swell stirring up the bottom. Now is a great time to fish the river mouths to find the big bream and flathead making the most of the cloudier waters to hunt for bait fish. After dark, jewfish will also come out and about. If you find legal sized tailor you would do very well to quickly send it back out with a 7/0 octopus circle placed behind its head as these are a top bait. Live beach worm also makes for an excellent jewie bait so grab some Tru-Turn worm hooks which are big fish hooks. Make sure leaders are 30lb and above and pre-stretch them to remove any memory which gives the best presentation.

The rivers have lots of flathead to 70cm holding along the sandy drop offs. These fish lay in wait for a passing prey item to swim overhead. The trick to targeting flatties on lures is to fish slower and lighter than you think. Soft plastics correctly weighted should be able to drift in the current and not plummet like a brick. Be sure to ask us how we wait our plastics and take a look at the various offerings on the plastics wall that appeal to these masters of the ambush attack. Other fish high on anglers catch list have to be bream. Right now our local population of bream are breeding and clearly fatter than usual. These fish will smash mullet gut, foul gut as well is mullet strip. If wanting to crack a PB on lures be sure to use soft plastics prawns like the Atomic prong. These have great action and scent. To find such fish get yourself around the river mouth rocks and dog beach rocks. Upriver the smaller jewies are schooling around the ski run, jew hole and between the lakes. With the recent rains they may move down river to the saltier waters of the river mouth. Now is the time to fish with soft vibes from Samaki, Berkley and Jackall. If you are around structure you can retro fit a pair of twin assists like the Atomic Trick bits. This will see a stronger hook set and less likely to get snagged if you are around timber.

Lastly, the freshwater is going very well and the bass are still feeding hard. They have been easier to find as the schools become bigger and more concentrated. Quon blades hopped along the bottom are getting the bite. These lures come rigged with two sets of twin barbed hooks which are less likely to become snagged. As for saratoga they may have moved from the upper reaches into the lower main areas in search of clearer waters. Now is the time where they will be sitting deeper and suspending so break out smaller 70mm suspending lures like the Jackall Squirrel and have long pauses, especially around the timber.

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