Zerek Tango Shad

Zerek Tango Shad a Raging Success

THE Zerek Tango Shad now comes in floating and suspending models and will only be available in a 50mm version.

Fifteen new colours in the suspending version and 10 new colours in the floating version combine natural and attractor patterns, including UV colours that make these brilliant lures even more appealing.

The 50mm Floating Tango Shad has been a raging success on a host of estuary and freshwater species. From flathead to bream and trout to redfin, this floating lure is responsible for some amazing captures. Floating slowly in salt water, this version can be cast and retrieved or trolled with equal effect in estuaries, rivers and lakes.

Especially deadly in shallow water, the 50mm floating Tango Shad is a very valuable tool for anglers targeting timid fish. The 50mm suspending Tango Shad is built for those who like to sit lures in the faces of cagey bream.

The suspending lure combines a brilliant body profile with an action that screams “eat me!” to fish. Suspending horizontally in salt water, this version of the popular Tango Shad can be cranked down to about 1m before being paused and allowed to sit neutrally in the water.

Pause the Tango Shad in front of snags, let it sit in amongst the weeds or simply slow roll it across the flats before pausing in front of following fish. The techniques opened up by this brilliant lure will allow tournament and social anglers to catch more fish – and that’s what it’s all about.


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