Chris Britton

Tearing it up in Tin Can Bay

Tin Can Bay

As always, I hope you have all been keeping well and getting out and banging a few good fish. Tin Can Bay So far, the start of the year sure has been a wet and windy one! Tin Can Bay But rain is always welcome on land and sea. Tin Can Bay And didn’t the creeks get a good flushing …

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Gamakatsu Team Series Report

Britto and Lex continued to concentrate on the kilometre-long stretch, methodically working the wall. The approach paid off and they picked up a number of small upgrades including a 36cm fork-length model that proved to be a kicker fish and anchored the bag. On the change of tide a decision was made to try the Terranora Wall, which can often …

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ABT Grand Final

On the second day we decided to run the same pattern. With the tides getting later and bigger each day, the risk was always whether everything would hold up or be delayed. Both boys started at Collis again, though the first cast hook-up didn’t repeat. It quickly became apparent that the bite was likely to be an hour later with the tide, …

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Queensland Bream Open 2015

The morning was quite frustrating, with a similar number of rises to the day before but the conversion rate tanked and after about an hour we left with only two small fish in the well. We moved to Macleay Island, which has been very good to us over the years, and slowly put a bag together in a range of spots …

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Hydro Nut increases stealth factor

Holes have also been drilled in them to reduce weight and the addition of a small sacrificial anode (with rubber) provides further corrosion resistance. A number of models are designed to fit most electric motors including the MotorGuide Xi5 and Tour models as well as the Minn Kota Riptide, iPilot, Maxxum and Fortrex motors. Three colours are available: red, black …

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