Jamie Bein

Rollashocks – a new era for trailer boats

rollashocks boat roller shock absorbers

A FEW months ago while working at home I noticed a boat preparing to pull into the motel next door. I found myself watching and waiting for the inevitable clatter of the boat on the trailer as it crossed the driveway and speed bump. Anyone who tows a boat would be familiar with the noise I’m talking about. We’ve all …

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WTF barra fun for all

wtf barra

HI all, it was a few years ago I got a phone call asking if I would like to sponsor an event. It was Shara Vanhaeren from the WTF Women That Fish Barra Classic who called and outlined what they were trying to do and where they wanted to go with the competition, and I agreed to giving away a …

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Hunting barra in the cool at Lake Monduran

hunting barra in the cool lake monduran

AS we all know, it can be a little harder hunting barra in the cool than the warmer months. However, I still use the same things I do in summer. The things I look for are wind direction, barometer, water colour (for lure choice) and then find what depth of water the barra are moving in. One thing I don’t …

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Monduran barra fishing fantastic

Monduran barra

HI all, Lake Monduran has been fishing well, with loads of good Monduran barra put on the deck. Many of my clients have caught plenty of barra on their charters. I’m still using B52s, Happy Rock Softies, Maria and Saruna lures. Each lure needs to be worked in its own way as not all lures swim the same. The wind …

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