Sean Bekkers

Doughnut management


Now, this might be an unusual topic to write about, but how do you recover from a session that produced nothing but a dreaded doughnut? I guess first off, you need to set yourself some guidelines as to what is considered a doughnut. Is it no fish caught at all or is it not nailing your intended target species with …

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Tips for land-based flathead

land-based flathead

Nothing beats catching quality fish while having your feet planted firmly in saltwater and sand. Sometimes, when I can’t be bothered loading the kayak or hitching the boat up, I head down to the water’s edge and flick a plastic around, it’s an excellent way to round out a weekend afternoon or break up the weekday grind. land-based flathead My …

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Saltwater session in Moreton Bay

saltwater session moreton bay

THE plan right up until the Sunday afternoon of a long weekend was to head out early on Monday for an offshore saltwater session chasing mackerel. When rolling the weather dice, sometimes things don’t go your way. While loading the boat on Sunday arvo, I did a last-minute weather check, only to find the wind was getting up earlier than …

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Freshwater flush essential for a thriving ecosystem

freshwater flush fishing

IF you’ve been on the east coast of Queensland in early 2020, it shouldn’t come as a shock when I say we’ve had a lot of rain, providing a solid freshwater flush. The southeast Queensland estuaries changed from the nice clear water we enjoyed for ages to a brown tannin colour as far as the eye can see. It’s not …

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Bass fishing for the first time in years

bass fishing mary river

AFTER some thought, I had two opportunities to fish over a long weekend: early Saturday morning while on the way to see my family and again on Monday morning for a sneaky bay session. Because different family members live all the way along between Gympie and Tin Can Bay, I had plenty of options as to where I could wet …

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A go-to soft plastic presentation

go-to soft plastic presentation

HEY folks, as this is my first time writing for Bush ‘n Beach, I thought it would be appropriate to base this article around my first fishing trip for 2020 using my go-to soft plastic presentation. A quick rundown on myself before I get stuck into the good stuff: I’ve been fishing for over 30 years and don’t mind fishing …

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