A surprise pennant trevally caught fishing a jerkshad soft plastic.

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A mangrove jack that smashed a plastic along a rock wall.
Double hook-ups on golden trevally on plastics worked with long pauses were common.
This nice coral trout made it past the sharks – others were not so lucky…
The author’s personal best bludger trevally.

It’s already November and it seems summer is already here in full swing with warmer water species taking centre-stage in southeast Queensland. Mangrove jack have already been terrorising our canal and natural structure systems, while offshore we are already seeing our mahi mahi and yellowfin tuna showing up in plague proportions. Hervey Bay charter

With COVID-19 and our first year without the Gold Coast Flathead Classic we are still seeing a good amount of better size flathead showing up due to reduced pressure, and this year most anglers are having more consistent sessions. A lot of bigger flathead have been caught by those using larger plastics, glide baits and swim baits imitating large mullet or whiting cruising the flats.Hervey Bay charter

It seems the larger flathead find it hard to resist a big and easy meal. Using a big lure can make it quite tricky when deciding what sort of rod to use, but a popular choice is long swim bait baitcasters intended for cod, as they will pitch big lures out with no issue. Although spin gear can do it too, make sure the rod’s cast weight is within range of the lure.

For our jack fishing it seems fishing rock walls early on with a mixture of plastics and hardbodies has been the way to go, but with the water continually warming and the jacks thriving more and more everyday, we are seeing our pontoons, bridges and retaining walls becoming key holding points for jacks. Over the years, due to the hype and the respect anglers have for these fish, the numbers seem to be growing.Hervey Bay charter

Considering they are brilliant on the chew, it’s incredible to see the amount of people considering the conservation of this fish and releasing them for other anglers to enjoy. I have been doing quite well fishing deeper rock walls just slow rolling 4” paddle tail soft plastics in various models and colours. Hardbodies are starting to pick up as the activity from the fish increase.

Over the past few weeks I was fortunate enough to try my luck aboard a Hervey Bay charter. Fishing Hervey Bay is always a spectacular experience, not only is the fishing amazing, but the view along the inside of the Fraser Island is always a moment to remember. We tried multiple techniques that all seemed to pay off.Hervey Bay charter

Metal jigs and jerkshad soft plastics in 5-7” sizes were a hit for different species of trevally and accounted for a few tuna as well. We found that we had to keep mixing up techniques to get them to bite, but once we found out when they liked it aggressive or subtle, it was a matter of spending more time hooked up then we were fishing!

Further out we were fortunate enough to find a few healthy coral trout and goldspot trevally, but we also lost a few fish to the resident sharks to the bay. But back to reality on the Gold Coast, we will also see a return of good numbers of bigger bream in the canals making, which make for some awesome surface fishing.Hervey Bay charter

Some good results can also come from using plastics weighted lightly or left unweighted around pontoons. So hopefully this month you’re able to get out there and experience a slice of the awesome fishing that is on offer!

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