Fishing Gear

Berkley PowerBait Gotam Shad

berkley powerbait gotam shad

INTRODUCING the new Berkley PowerBait Gotam Shad. The Gotam Shad’s translucency paired with the inner mylar foil gives it the appearance of a real live baitfish. The firmness has been carefully studied to get the best vibration from the paddle tail, with 3D eyes and micro sparkles completing this fantastic shad. Available in 3” and 4” sizes and eight killer colours, …

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Samaki Torpedo V2 Spinners

samaki v2 spinners

THE all-new Samaki V2 Spinners have some serious attitude, and now ranging from 10g to 85g, these spinners hit the bullseye with each cast. Throw the V2 Spinners into a school of baitfish and you’ll be attacked by every predator swimming around. Alternatively, re-rig them with an assist hook and drop them to the depths to attract any aggressive species.  …

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Nomad Design Madscad

nomad design madscad

STYLED on the typical deep-bellied baitfish that are so prevalent all over the globe, the Nomad Design Madscad has been designed to be effective in all environments, in a range of sizes for a huge variety of species. This design has been refined over years of testing and many prototypes along the way. Subtle features such as the flattened top …

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Using drones to your advantage when fishing

drones key for barramundi

So where do you go when the fish leave the basin after all that rain? This is where it gets interesting. After rain periods, bony bream breed, producing more food for the impoundment-dwelling monster barra. A good place to look for these extra baitfish are the rivers at the back of the impoundment around weedy edges and points. Having timber …

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Mustad 5.5” SS Pliers

Mustad 5.5” SS Pliers

MUSTAD has released a set of pliers that will allow small split rings to be opened easily, while retaining the strength to remove hooks from fish if necessary. The Mustad 5.5” SS Pliers are constructed using German stainless steel to ensure longevity in the field. These pliers feature a micro-sized split ring opener, two split-shot crimping slots (they may also …

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Samaki Egi Inked rod

samaki egi inked

THE Samaki Egi Inked stretches 8’6” in length, which is absolutely perfect for long lifts and wacky whips – the type of squid fishing action you could encounter anywhere around the world. The length of an egi rod must be right on the money. You want a perfectly balanced rod for casting those enticing jigs. It must have power for …

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Shimano Tranx baitcast reel

shimano tranx baitcast reel

THE Shimano Tranx is designed to go toe to toe with the toughest saltwater and freshwater predators. This series of baitcasting reels has been resized and specced up to meet the demands of anglers looking for a big bait specialist. For Aussie anglers, the Tranx is perfectly suited to trolling for barra, micro jigging for your favourite reef species and …

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Mustad Kaiju Pliers

Mustad kaiju pliers

THE Mustad Kaiju Pliers are 7.5” heavy-duty pliers built to work in the harshest and toughest environments found in fishing. Featuring a heavy-duty split ring opener that is designed for use on large saltwater lures used for GTs, mackerel and wahoo, these pliers will also enable freshwater anglers to handle the larger split rings found on the recently released mega …

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Fish Inc. Winglet

fish inc lures winglet

THE Winglet is the ‘little bullet’, with the weight for long casts and a small profile to match the hatch. It has been designed following the popularity of Fish Inc. Lures’ Wing sinking stickbait, with a smaller profile made possible via the solid zinc body that also provides the weight for casting. At 87mm long, it is a bite size …

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Ecooda X Compact baitcast reel

THE Ecooda X Compact’s low-profile style and sleek gunmetal grey cosmetics ooze quality and sophistication. Built on a strong, one-piece aluminium frame with precisely machined brass gears and a CNC-machined aluminium spool, these reels are built to handle anything from cagey bass to impoundment barra. With 6+1 stainless steel ball bearings, carbon fibre drag washers and a magnetic cast control …

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