Fishing Gear

New Alvey Ripfighter surf reel

alvey ripfighter

THE perfect choice for any experienced Alvey user who enjoys targeting bread and butter species using light-action surf rods, the Ripfighter62 features a narrow, shallow spool on a lightweight graphite back and balances beautifully on any low-mount 10’6” to 12’ light surf rod. Featuring a slightly thinner spindle than the 600B and a long-life stainless steel bush, this new 625BRRT …

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Wilson Venom Barra Spin rod

wilson venom barra spin

THE Wilson Venom Barra Spin is a brilliant 6kg spin stick designed for those fishing tight structure with spin gear. With a light tip to allow for easy casting, the Barra Spin is a 5’9” spin stick with plenty of backbone to deal back the punishment fish including barra, threadfin, mangrove jack and fingermark like to dish out. Rated for …

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Bagley Minnow B 05

bagley minnow b 05

THE Bagley Minnow B 05 is a shallow-diving fish slayer, with an irresistible action and internal rattle chambers. It is a 5” floating jerk minnow with Bagley’s legendary action and internal rattle chambers that call fish to the lure. Twitch it and pause it to attract brutal surface strikes, or punch, roll and pause it sub-surface to draw fish out of …

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Samaki Marlin Tee sun shirt

Marlin Tee

SAMAKI’S Marlin Tee suits the deckie in all of us, incorporating the passion for being on the water day in, day out, with the added comfort of a sleek and soft fabric that keeps you cool, dry and protected. Sporting a marlin trying to escape at speed, the Marlin Tee incorporates a few unique hits of design without being too …

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Bomber Long A three pack

bomber long a three pack

THE original Bomber Long A design is one of the most effective jerkbaits on the market, and is arguably Australia’s most popular barra lure of all time. The most popular ‘all-rounder’ is the B15A size. When people talk about the mighty Gold Bomber, this is the size they are referring to. The 15A HD Barra Special Bomber Long A three …

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Z-Man Bait BinderZ

Bait BinderZ

Z-Man Bait BinderZ presents the ultimate storage solution for your Z-Man soft plastics, allowing you to find the model and colour you’re after in seconds. The Bait BinderZ features nickel-plated, corrosion-resistant rings that have been spaced to fit the reinforced, pre-punched holes in the bottom of standard size Z-Man packets. Store your Z-Man plastics in their original packs, away from …

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Ecooda Inna diving lure

Ecooda Inna

THE Ecooda Inna diving lure has an erratic jerkbait swimming action, lifelike digital finish, internal ball bearing and a cylindrical metal chamber. Combine all these assets and you’ve got a fish-catching lure. The internal cylindrical metal chamber not only helps with the lure’s casting distance and accuracy but also aids in the twitching and jerkbait motion from side to side. This …

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Revamped Sedona FI spin reel

Sedona FI

ENGINEERED and built to perfection, Shimano’s Sedona FI spin reel series has completely changed the game in the spin reel market. With a new and innovative design, Shimano has developed a tough spin reel that feels comfortable and well balanced in your hands. Freshly revamped with features such as the Hagane Gear, Shimano has stopped at nothing in the pursuit of …

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Maxima Fibre Glow line

Maxima Fibre Glow

Maxima Fibre Glow IGFA line WITH hundreds of world records on the books, Maxima line has earned its reputation as the world’s finest line through results logged over the past 60 years. Maxima IGFA line meets the requirements of tournaments operating under IGFA rules where lines are designed to break at specific weight standards. Consistent, reliable, strong, abrasion resistant and …

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Samaki Neon Fish Grip

Samaki Neon Fish Grip

SAMAKI has launched into the tooling market by designing functional, practical and solid tools for your convenience. The new Samaki Neon Fish Grip is bright and easily visible in the bottom of your tackle bag, with a white body and neon accent tones ensuring you’ll never lose sight of your fish grip again while leadering in that big catch. With key …

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