Z-Man 4” Goat ToadZ

The ultimate topwater presentation has arrived, designed in conjunction with Z-Man customers and fans over a period of about a year as they offered feedback on shape, size, design features, colour and more throughout the digital design, three-dimensional printing, single shot moulding and testing process. Z-Man 4” Goat ToadZ

The 10 times tougher ElaZtech construction provides extreme durability and buoyancy, while a bulky yet streamlined body allows for long casts on a 5/0 or 6/0 TT ChinlockZ hook and a plastic that skips extremely well. Z-Man 4” Goat ToadZ

Once it’s on the water, the thin legs and cupped kicker feet create that fish-attracting bubbling and gurgling that drives fish crazy on a slow, medium or fast retrieve.

The Goat ToadZ is 4” in length, initially available in eight colours and other key features include a V-shaped keeled belly that assists with stability and rapid lift out of the water, belly-hook slot to assist with weedless rigging and ridges on the back to help protect both single and double weedless hooks from snagging or fouling.

With the feedback of customers and fans, Z-Man has effectively designed the ultimate topwater toad that will appeal to medium to large predators such as barramundi, mangrove jack, Murray cod and more.

Fish on!

Available in eight colours with three per pack and a suggested retail price of $14.95.

Visit tackletactics.com.au

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