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Companion ProHeat Two Burner Stove

Companion’s ProHeat Low Pressure Two Burner Stove is an everyday gas cooker when attached to a LPG bottle, but is also designed to suit built-in RV camper kitchens and plumb directly into a bayonet fitting of a regulated system.

Australian Geographic recently put the stove to the test and headed bush to see how the 18,000 BTU stove – 9000 BTU per burner, 188g/h consumption – performed. Companion ProHeat Two Burner Stove

Immediately evident was its compact size.

With dimensions of 620mm L x 350mm W x 105mm H when closed, its low profile meant it was easy to fit inside the rear drawers of a fit-out four-wheel-drive.

At 6.5kg it is on the heavier side of two-burner gas stoves, but manageable.

Impressively, considering its overall compact size, the stove has a large cooking area with space for two large pots – it includes a heavy-duty pot trivet – to be used at the same time.

Each of the 9000 BTU burners ignites using an inbuilt electric piezo ignition system.

This is one of the hero features of this stove – the dual electric piezo system means it starts every time and each hob can be fired independently.

Theoretically, the only maintenance would be replacing the AA battery, and if this runs down the piezo will kick in – piezo can last over 10 years – but damp or ageing ignition systems are a notoriously weak point and spare batteries can disappear, so best retain your lighter or flint.


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