Fishing Rigs

Cracking shallow inshore reef codes


When possible, we like to get out to the reefs off Redcliffe. These shallows provide natural and manmade structures, which open up ambush and protection points frequented by both predatory and bait species. Gear Generally, the gear you’ll want will be an upgrade on flathead and bream gear, with the lighter weight and lure range capabilities, as the harsher natural …

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Post-rain dirty water tactics

With a lot of rain falling in many regions over the past couple of months, it’s common to be faced with dirty water when you head out for a fish, and this can in turn make the bite tougher. In this article, I want to breakdown a few tactics that have helped me to consistently attract the bite in these …

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Selecting a HeadlockZ jig head for your Z-Man plastic


This jig head selection guide is designed to assist you as a basic starting point for selecting a TT HeadlockZ jig head to suit your chosen Z-Man soft plastic. Z-Man soft plastics Z-Man soft plastics offer anglers many benefits including 10X Tough ElaZtech construction, allowing you to catch more fish per plastic and rig them over and over again. And …

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Getting hooked up on hooks


Ahh yes, the age-old debate of what is the ‘best’ hook to use and what brand has the best hooks. This month, we’re talking about finding a balance between strength and sharpness – to get the performance on point… literally. It’s very easy to focus on the weakness of a hook once it’s failed to do a job it was …

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Top tips for releasing snapper

SNAPPER are well known as being one of our most popular sport and table fish. As all keen “reddie” fishos know, these prized inshore sportfish fight hard, look amazing and taste great! These days more and more anglers are choosing to release some or all of their snapper (especially the bigger fish). If you choose to release snapper after you’ve …

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Micro plastics fishing methods


One of my favourite styles of fishing is casting finesse plastics on light gear in shallow water and it always surprises me the mix of species and quality of fish that this technique produces. There’s an old saying in fishing that big lures catch big fish, while small lures catch all fish.   So, for anglers getting into plastics fishing, …

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AFTA 2022 Trade Show wrap up


THE Australian Fishing Tackle Association Trade Show was held on the Gold Coast recently – after two years of cancellations due to Covid – bringing together fishing tackle manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers on Thursday and Friday August 4 and 5, with a trade morning and then public day on the Saturday from 10am to 3pm. AFTA Behind the scenes there …

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Top-tier tailor tips

THERE have been plenty of tailor getting caught in recent weeks, both in the estuaries and along the beaches, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to run through a few tailor tips, and some of my favourite lures and techniques for catching this aggressive predator. Finding tailor The first thing we need to do is find the …

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Ned rig basics for fishing success

Ned rig

EXPLODING in the US, the Ned rig is basically a stand-up presentation built around a mushroom-style jig head and a buoyant soft plastic, meaning in the water the plastic is either fleeing on the retrieve or rapidly standing up in a claws-up ‘defensive’ pose or tail-up ‘feeding’ pose on the pause. On the pause, the buoyant plastic moves around naturally …

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Seeking out Moreton Bay sweetlip

rainbow channel grass sweetlip moreton bay

FISHING around the shallow reefs of Moreton Bay will probably see two types of sweetlip turn up. The grass sweetlip (minimum size 30cm, max possession of 10) and spangled emperor (minimum 45cm, max possession five) are some of the tastiest fish getting around. They are also some of the best fighting fish you’ll encounter for the size. Grassies inhabit the …

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