Winter whiting in summer on beautiful Broadwater

Winter whiting summer

Hi everyone, another year is nearly over – doesn’t time fly? Especially when you’re fishing. December is when we start complaining about being too hot and fish such as sand whiting, trevally and mangrove jack revel in the conditions. Brad Smith has returned to fish the Tweed River and has been reporting catches of solid flathead and trevally on his …

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Records smashed at Fitzroy River Barra Bash

Records Barra Bash

I know it’s now December and the jolly old fat man is getting close to sliding down chimneys again but for this month I’ll do a recap of the Fitzroy River Barra Bash held at the end of October. Records Barra Bash There were around 80 teams that had signed up for this year’s bash, which was another outstanding turn …

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Push up river to the fresh

With the closed barramundi season fast approaching, we made a quick dash up the river to flick a few lures. An early morning high tide ensured we were able to push up the river into the fresh. up river fresh With his first cast my friend Brod enticed a small sooty to take his lure, an early first fish is …

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Cape winding down for wet

Cape winding down wet

Well, it’s certainly been an up-and-down year on the Cape! After the best wet the place had seen in a decade, the tourists arrived in droves as the water started to run off the many river and creek crossings along the Peninsula Development Rd. Cape winding down wet By mid-July, vehicle traffic had exceeded previous record numbers by around 30 …

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When will the wind wane?

wind wane

And it’s windy again! I was actually wondering if I would get this article in on time – having a fairly busy schedule according to my diary, it’s often difficult to submit promptly. But it seems Mother Nature values what I scribe over what I catch. wind wane Wind strength is often not the only issue. So, if you’re coming …

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All set for summer on the Gold Coast

summer Gold Coast

The past month has been interesting, challenging and a lot of fun. The fishing has been absolutely terrific, but the weather has been on and off. The early season thunderstorms created a few testing times on the water. The large downpours of rain have been good though, pushing the bait fish out into deeper channels creating some awesome opportunities around …

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Christmas options for Moreton Bay anglers

Christmas Moreton Bay

What a huge month we have ahead… the arrival of the jolly man in the red suit, the children at home on school holidays and everyone getting ready for the big day of heat, presents and the traditional food coma! But come Christmas, we look forward to getting the crab pots out and scoring our fill of sand and mud …

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Tips for targeting prawns on foot

targeting prawns foot

The banana prawn season and ‘craze’ is well known and seems to attract bigger and bigger crowds each year. And for good reason! targeting prawns foot Catching banana prawns with cast nets in among the, for the most part, friendly and jovial mosh pits is not only a lot of fun but very addictive and means you can take home …

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Hot summer action in Moreton Bay

summer Moreton Bay

With the temperature heating up, large schools of whitebait and hardihead start moving into the bay. Pelagics chasing baitfish follow, longtail and spotted tuna will appear towards the end of December, while doggy mackerel quantities will increase too. summer Moreton Bay Other species such as sweetlip and tuskfish turn up on hot humid days particularly, while some of the beacons …

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Murray cod making a splash in the Macquarie

Murray cod

  When dams started to refill in 2020, fish scientists, governments and locals agreed to release a species-specific flow to create optimal breeding conditions for the rejuvenation of Murray cod in the Macquarie River. The Commonwealth Environmental Water Office funded monitoring of the flow, which identified in October and November 2020 an abundance of Murray cod larvae. In early 2021, …

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