Christmas Moreton Bay
Father Fishmas on the beach.

Christmas options for Moreton Bay anglers

What a huge month we have ahead… the arrival of the jolly man in the red suit, the children at home on school holidays and everyone getting ready for the big day of heat, presents and the traditional food coma! But come Christmas, we look forward to getting the crab pots out and scoring our fill of sand and mud crabs to garnish the festive day feast. Christmas Moreton Bay

Around the Shorncliffe Pier, Scarborough, Nudgee and Pumicestone will be several of the places to start hunting for a great feed of sandies. As always, keep an eye on your pots and brush up on the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland regulations. If you are going to be chasing a feed of fresh prawns, support the local trawler guys and grab 1kg or three of the sweetest best cooked prawns in Queensland – that will be money well spent! Christmas Moreton Bay

Christmas Moreton Bay
Asher landed this cracker flathead and the smile on his face tells the story.

Mia has been getting into her fishing a whole lot more over the past few months and I think she is going to be a keen angler from here on in. In fact, mum and dad are going to have a bit of competition now during the ‘family competition’, which is called ‘an outing’ if mum loses. Well done Mia, I am looking forward to your next adventure and hearing about all the fish you have caught. Christmas Moreton Bay

Asher managed to get out for a flick after putting in some hard yards at work and it worked out well. Asher landed this cracker flathead and I think the smile on his face tells the story. These fish are so much fun, and the smaller ones can be relatively easy to catch for the kids. No special gear is needed, and they can be taken on bait, plastics or lures. Christmas Moreton Bay

Christmas Moreton Bay
Mia has been getting into her fishing.

If you are not sure on how to tackle them, drop in and we’ll run you through a few different methods to find one that suits you. If you are looking to take the kids fishing over the Christmas holidays and they need a new rod and reel, consider an Alvey combo. They are great for kids to learn on, they are very reliable and will handle almost anything they throw at them!

If an Alvey is not your thing, we have a few different child-friendly combos available that will get you out there creating memories. On the whiting scene, there have been reports of cracker whiting being caught throughout the Moreton Bay area. Nudgee Beach, Brighton, Bribie Island Red Beach and the Pine River have been providing some great catches on bloodworms, prawns and the humble beachworm.

Whiting are an awesome fish to target with kids – a Longshank size 6 Hook, a small sinker, a bit of pink tubing and when baited, get it out there. This is a great time to teach children to cast because whiting can be caught a few feet out from where you are standing.


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