Another mulloway that was fooled by the ever-productive Predatek SandViper.

How to lure a mulloway

One of the species high on the bucket list for estuary and surf anglers of temperate Australia is the enigmatic mulloway. Lure a mulloway

Success with this species – as it is for many other less common angling targets – is perseverance. Lure a mulloway

Sticking to the task, spending as many hours as necessary and studying the fish’s habits are part of the journey to the desired result.

Some readers may ask, “Catching mulloway is tough enough, why make it more challenging by using lures?”

The answer for many is pure convenience.


Even if mulloway don’t appear, big greenback tailor are a common by-catch for the lure-casting angler.


While live baiting is perhaps the most popular and certainly a very effective way to snare a big jewfish, the task of obtaining bait then keeping it alive can be as difficult as catching the mulloway itself.

The lure angler carries all their ‘bait’ from home and need not worry about it dying en route to the fishing spot.

There’s no need to allow for hours of bait collecting… rock up, check the sea conditions and start fishing – simple!

Possibly the most difficult aspect of tangling with a mulloway for all anglers, whether bait or lure, is pinpointing a location most likely to produce results.


Kevin Clark with the result of knowing the target species, picking a reliable spot and putting in the hours. The lure was a Predatek SandViper.


As in the real-estate game, location, location, location could be the catch cry of the mulloway angler.

When starting out, choose a spot with a proven history of producing frequent captures.

Local tackle shops, fishing columns in regional newspapers if they still exist and, of course, the pages of Bush ‘n Beach Fishing are sources of good information on reliable fishing spots.

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