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New Bigfish Gear BFMaxflow REPEL Boar

BIGFISH Gear REPEL clothing is so effective at repelling mosquitoes and other biting insects that the Bigfish team figures its gear is not just limited to angling pursuits.

The team thought, why not create a range that is perfectly suited to hunting, camping and bushwalking? Enter BFG Outdoors and a unique Boar shirt, totally generated using Australian bush flora and colourings that will have you day dreaming of hunting for your next big boar. The new BFMaxflow REPEL performance range of gear contains a technically advanced insect resistant agent that will repel 95 percent of mosquitoes and other biting insects all day and night.

Bigfish’s REPEL range has all the features of the current fabric (soft, cool, lightweight, durable and UPF50), but now when heading out for a day on the water you’ll be repelling mosquitoes and other biting insects at the same time – what more could you want out of a fishing shirt The new BFMaxflow REPEL is an advanced formula, micro-emulsion treatment that ensures almost perfect transfer from the aqueous phase of the repellant to bonding with the fabric.

It’s very effective at repelling, and in fact it’s so good that it’ll retain 80 percent efficacy even after 50-70 washes. That’s an incredible number of days on the water to still be so effective after all that fishing, washing and wearing. This gear was tested on the flood plains of the Adelaide River in the Northern Territory, where marsh mosquitoes are thick and actually bite through your shirt. The late-afternoon field tests (see photo) saw plenty of mosquitoes landing on and biting through Bigfish’s traditional fabric.

However, when they landed on the new REPEL-infused fabric, they would take off quickly without a bite. The entire range is available online at as well as many other retail outlets. RRP is $99.95.

The BFMaxflow REPEL infusion is a safe and well-proven product with a new application system.

It’s biodegradable, independently tested and contains a Group 3A insecticide with APVMA approval. See the website for additional information.

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