New Ocean Craft 4400 HD Beamy

THE Ocean Craft 4400 HD Beamy now comes with 300mm more beam and 100mm more length than the previous 4.3m Ocean Craft open dinghy.

Made from marine-grade plate alloy throughout, including a 6mm hull and 80mm transom, the Beamy is a seriously tough boat. Lightweight but with phenomenal strength, buoyancy and stability, this ‘big’ little boat will go where others simply can’t.

The Beamy is available as a boat, motor and trailer package with a Tohatsu 30hp long shaft outboard including three-year warranty and Ocean Craft custom easy-launch and load trailer with submersible lights. Shock-absorbing airtight buoyancy chambers are a core feature and provide fantastic stability as well as aiding in a smooth and dry ride.

Other features include: inboard tie-down points; six buoyancy sections; grab rails/entry and exit rungs; a dual-eye trailer/tow hitch point; anchor well; dual-eye anchor shackle; and anchor cleat. All Ocean Craft boats come with a standard five-year structural warranty that is extendable to seven years on recreational hulls. Because of the triangulation running the length of an Ocean Craft and the structural tube around the outside, Ocean Craft makes the strongest production hull to withstand any seas.

Ocean Craft boats also come with a ‘never sink’ lifetime warranty or your money back. One of the amazing things about Ocean Crafts is they encapsulate the features of a trimaran, an outrigger, a monohull and an inflatable boat. This means an Ocean Craft is a trimaran at rest, an outrigger when turning, a deep-vee monohull on the plane and an inflatable with actual pneumatic properties thanks to an all-aluminium plate alloy hull including tubular sides like no other.

Ocean Craft’s unique Posi Lift Eco Hull means that from the moment you are making way, all the energy from the wake is recycled and leaves your Ocean Craft nowhere to go but up on the plane. This guarantees improved performance, higher top speed and better fuel economy as well as a super-smooth ride.

Ocean Crafts have a low-friction profile that ensures the boat lifts out of the water before it starts planing, reducing friction on the hull. The Posi Lift Eco Hull works in a three-stage process somewhat like a hovercraft. First it lifts the boat out of the water, disengaging the tubes (or sponsons) from the water, then it lifts the entire monohull out of the water and only the keel of the boat and the propeller are left in the water and finally the air passing under the hull lifts it even higher. Once on the plane the hull rides high out of the water – higher than any other hull.

For a test drive or to find your nearest stockist, visit or call 07 5499 6937.

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