ReelX lubricant and corrosion inhibitor

New ReelX lubricant and corrosion inhibitor

reelx lubricantREELX is the new high-tech, extreme-pressure reel lubricant that virtually eliminates wear, disrupts existing corrosion and prevents new corrosion of any kind.

ReelX is the perfect choice for all spinning and casting reels. Starting with CorrosionX core technology, a package of extreme-pressure additives were added.

ReelX contains no wax, tar, silicone or other solids, so it will never gum up. No more services needed just because the reel grease got dry and gunky. Instead, you can add just a tiny amount of ReelX to the mechanism from time to time, with no need to clean out hard, old grease lubricant.

ReelX displaces moisture and won’t harm monofilament, rubber, neoprene, PTFE, plastics, anodising or paint. On the contrary, it stops and prevents corrosion like oxidisation and electrolysis through polar bondnig. Which is why Greg from GoFish Tackle, one of New Zealand’s finest reel service shops, has decided that: “Nothing leaves our reel repair department without ReelX.”

Catching big fish on small reels puts a lot of strain on the header bearing, for example. ReelX offers lubrication about four times better than any good engine oil, or twice as good as most PTFE greases. The industry test ASTM-4172 confirms the anti-wear for ReelX being 0,31. Peter Mackellar from Brisbane said, “Less friction, less effort, less damage, simple as that.” And the way he is fishing, he knows!

Milan from Big Angry Fish summed it up one day by stating: “We think the product is the best we have used to date and it keeps our gear running well.” ReelX is similar to its big brother CorrosionX. Both are distributed in Australia through Applied Industrial Technologies, but a growing number of shops are helping AIT make the product better accessible to the public. So your local tackle shop might well be stocking it already.

Top reel manufacturers like Penn, Shimano, Accurate Fishing Products, Bauer Premium Fly Reels, Okuma and Zebco are either using ReelX or including it in the box of a new reel. ReelX is non-flammable and the right super-fast penetrant when you are struggling to dismantle corroded or frozen parts.  It can be applied over already wet and corroded metal surfaces of all kinds. Unlike kerosene-based products, it will not attack neoprene or rubber parts of your reel.

Polar bonding makes ReelX protect your gear for a very long time! If you have a boat, trailer or 4WD exposed to corrosion, then have a good look at to find your nearest dealer for CorrosionX and CorrosionX Heavy Duty. They are considered to be among the most professional corrosion stoppers, lubricants and waterproofing agents for electrics and electronics.

Jet skis, leaf springs, outboards, instrumentation and battery terminals last so much longer and work way better when treated with the CorrosionX range. Aviation-approved, military-specified and confirmed to be as ‘toxic’ as Lanolin, these products tick all the boxes. Even the fish seems to like the smell of it!

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