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NSW North Coast shark net trial legislation passes

NSW Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair recently welcomed the passing of legislation through NSW Parliament with bipartisan support to expedite a trial of shark nets on five North Coast beaches.

“Passing this legislation is an important step towards getting the shark net trial in place on the North Coast by the summer school holidays by streamlining the approvals process, which is currently spread across various Acts,” Mr Blair said. “At the same time, we have applied to the Commonwealth for exemption for the trial from Federal environmental legislation. The traditional nets will complement the Government’s $16 million NSW Shark Management Strategy, which has increased aerial surveillance and up to 100 smart drum lines being installed, as well as testing of new technologies including drones.”

The trial nets are similar to those used in the Newcastle to Wollongong shark meshing area, where there has been only one fatality at a beach protected by a shark net in more than 70 years. There may be some possible modifications to operational procedures to suit local conditions. After extensive consultation with the local community, the beaches at which nets will be trialled are Lighthouse Beach, Shelly Beach and Sharpes Beach at Ballina, Seven Mile Beach at Lennox Head and Evans Head Beach.

The nets will be fitted with whale alarms and dolphin ‘pingers’ to deter marine mammals and reduce unintended by-catch. The NSW Government has also opened this year’s round of funding applications under the Observation Tower Grants program, which has been increased to a total of $200,000 to further support the Shark Management Strategy. The towers provide a clearer line of vision for surf lifesavers and lifeguards to spot sharks, and assist in monitoring beach conditions. Applications are now open for coastal councils, Surf Life Saving NSW and the Australian Professional Ocean Lifeguards.

The first of the five shark nets in northern NSW is to be put in the water tomorrow, Friday, November 18.

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  1. My sister & brother-in-law had a very successful dive business in Byron Bay for many years & I know that 1 of their customers was taken by a shark many years ago, they wouldn’t want shark nets, but there has been so many instances over the last few months, that I’m now of the thinking that human’s need to be given some protection, (of some sort). Then again if people go into the water, either boarding or swimming, & they know the risks, then it’s there call!!

  2. At the end of the day the proof will be in the pudding. If nets stop the deaths and ensure that the towns can continue thriving on tourism then thats awesome. If that leads to decimating the marine population of Dolphins and Whales then my beliefs will be proved wrong and we will need to reassess but I doubt that will happen. I see a very healthy population of both and don’t believe this will have a significant effect on the very clever mammals of the sea. Lets sit back and see what happens.

  3. Bah ha, who cares, if where not crying about the hundred of thousands cows chickens and sheep that die each year for human consumption, which is also a choice like going into the water… we might as well have some safety for the public if it works. All things always comes at some level of cost to another. That’s nature and where all participating in it.

    I dont agree with threatening a species survival but nothing in nature lives a beautiful harm pain free life. People are too disconnected from the the real world.

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