Opera house yabby traps prohibited in NSW

Do not use opera house style yabby traps in NSW!

A quick reminder that yabby traps are prohibited for use by recreational fishers in ALL NSW WATERS to help prevent inadvertent capture of native wildlife.

Do your bit to save our native aquatic wildlife and do not use “opera house” style yabby traps. Instead, eco-friendly open pyramid lift nets or hoop nets should be used as alternatives to yabby traps in all waters where recreational yabby fishing is permitted.

Unlike the old-style traps, the open-top lift design of the new nets will allow non-target species such as platypus, water rats, birds, and turtles to more easily exit the nets if they inadvertently swim in while searching for food. Recreational fishers should now only be using these open-top nets when targeting yabbies.

Penalties apply if anglers use the now-banned opera house style traps.

Please dispose of any unwanted opera house traps responsibly. Eco-friendly yabby nets are widely available in tackle stores and other fishing retail outlets across NSW.

It is important recreational fishers understand the rules surrounding the use of open-top nets and are aware of the consequences for using the incorrect equipment when targeting yabbies in NSW waters.

By following these rules, fishers can take the lead in fishing responsibly and catching a great feed of yabbies while making a real difference to our environment.

DPI Fisheries is working with the commercial yabby sector to adopt new trap designs to ensure ongoing protection for native species.

More information about the recreational yabby fishing rule changes is available at https://bit.ly/3a5vO46.

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