Protect your car from rust with Electronic Rust Prevention Systems

IF you’re a keen fisher, avid four-wheel-driver or general outdoors enthusiast, chances are you’re a fan of adventure.

Whether it’s bush, beach or just cruising on-road, your vehicle is the go-to travel companion for all things outdoors. Amongst the excitement of heading out, it can be easy to forget about the extreme conditions our vehicles endure and unfortunately, many of us overlook the natural battles our vehicles face day after day.

Of these, perhaps the greatest and most forgotten is the endless fight against corrosion and rust. Rusting is an electrochemical process where metals are returned to their unrefined state via the combination of iron and oxygen.

Because this reaction is a natural process, it is happening every moment of every day.
Combining the presence of moisture and salt causes this process to accelerate, amplifying the rust in your vehicle.

How then can you win this seemingly unending war? Simple: ERPS. For over 20 years, Electronic Rust Prevention Systems has been designing, testing and manufacturing its systems right here on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Over this time, ERPS has established itself as a world leader in rust prevention and evolved a passion for protecting customers’ ways of life. No matter what you put your vehicle through, there’s an ideal ERPS system just for you and the technology couldn’t be easier to use – just set and forget.

For full details, call ERPS on 07 5534 3899 or visit

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