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Salt-Away a must-have for boaties

The Salt-Away applicator in action.

WE all love fishing and boating, and the pages of this magazine are always filled with awesome fishing adventures, new techniques and magical destinations.

However, something not as glamorous and very infrequently mentioned but a very important part of fishing and boating is the cleaning and maintenance of your gear.

By this I mean your boat, motor, trailer, rods and reels, which can cost a lot of money to buy and should be well looked after. Maintaining them and giving them a good clean each time you use them will not only ensure their longevity but mean they are ready to go next time. It’s no secret the marine environment is a harsh place to play, so while it is great to enjoy it and use all your gear to its maximum, it is important to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned.

If you fish and boat in coastal waters, salt is the number-one enemy, and you can see it everywhere, whether on the water or back on land. As evidence, you only need to check out your reels after they have dried from getting a bit of incidental saltwater spray as you drive back around to start a new drift. In fact, the amount of salt you can see on your reels is sometimes unbelievable.

And while salt is obvious on rods and reels, there are plenty of other areas where you won’t be able to see i t but know it’s there, such as inside your engine, in the galvanised box channel of your trailer and so on.One product intended to help you look after all your fishing and boating gear for years to come is Salt-Away.

Salt-Away is designed to remove all traces of salt, which will minimise the chance of corrosion. The specially designed applicator also allows you to spend less time cleaning your boat and motor thanks to the easy to use and adjustable nozzle and canister. Best of all, it is very affordable, with one litre of concentrated Salt-Away making around 500 litres of cleaning solution.

As a rough example, a 5m tinnie with a 90hp engine requires 40-60ml of Salt-Away to thoroughly clean the boat, motor and trailer. Salt-Away has been tested and proven to be safe on all metals including magnesium alloy, unlike some other brands of cleaner. If you are after more information on the fantastic range of Salt-Away products, visit

There you’ll find plenty of videos explaining exactly how to flush your engine with Salt-Away to ensure it is completely rid of salt. You’ll also find numerous videos demonstrating how to clean your rods and reels.

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