Techniice High-Performance Cooler Bag

AT last, a soft cooler bag has been developed that actually keeps ice properly.

Drawing on its extensive experience in thermal energy, Techniice has developed these new high-performance cooler bags. The new cooler bags utilise extremely thick, solid, but flexible compound insulation panels in the walls, lid and base.

This is in addition to using a heavy-duty white vinyl reflective exterior and overlapping ‘lid over base’ design. If you are in the market for a cooler bag that really works well, then these super cooler bags from Techniice could be the answer, coming in five, 13, 23 and 34-litre sizes.

The cooler bags also come with both detachable shoulder straps and a carry handle. The smallest model is a great unit for keeping medical items or lunch cold and the biggest can hold two-litre soft drink bottles upright. Both regular ice and Techniice Reusable Dry Ice Packs can be used to keep things cool.

A net on the underside of the lid holds the ice packs to provide a radiant barrier when the lid is closed. These new cooler bags from Techniice ooze quality and would not look out of place on an expensive boat or at a posh venue.

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