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Chris Arnold managed to pull a really nice jewfish (mulloway) off it using a live yakka bait. Photo: fishingnoosa.com.au

Time to target the mighty mulloway on the Sunshine Coast

Now is the time to focus on a prime winter target that can reach in excess of 20KG. The mighty mulloway or jewfish are starting to show up in greater numbers and for some this fish is part of a lifelong obsession.

Offshore, the mighty mulloway can be caught on a wide variety of methods from huge livebaits to plastics and jigs. North Reef, Chardons, Sunshine, Stingrays and further north to Double Island are all prime grounds. Having a decent sounder to locate the bait is important to help look for big arches. For plastics, jewies love the Berkley Powerbait nemesis and gulp nemesis as well as big jerk shads like the Chasebait fork bait in 7” sizes. As for jigs then PE 2-3 gear is all that is required and the new Samaki wingman 80-100 gram in bubble gum is a colour they are drawn to. Leaders should be around 4 meters as they often hold close to structure which helps them duck out of the current. When you get the bite be sure to strike hard and give them 2-3 extra strikes to drive the hook home. Try not to go too hard on a big jew as you can pull hooks easily. Other species caught on these reefs are some standout sweetlip well over 60cm and some mid water cobia which take the previous mentioned lures and plastics. Tusk fish are also a viable target, however you may well catch a few snapper along the way. If you need help with how to vent snapper or pearl perch be sure to come and ask us how to do it the right way for the best chance of a strong release. mighty mulloway mighty mulloway

The surf beaches have been popular with strong westerlies featuring for most of the week. With the building swell the gutters have been re-formed and have changed dramatically all along the coast. This has seen big sea bream featuring as they search for exposed prey. Squid and mullet strips work exceptionally well for bream as they love a chunky bait. For other fish like whiting then smaller squid strips and beach worms are the go. Be sure you use the correct hooks with long baitholders perfect for squid and octopus hooks favoured for mullet and pilchard chunks. Evening time jewfish anglers have had success along the coast and around the headlands on the turn of tide. These fish will take a bunch of baits but presentation is key so use bait wrap and only the best cuts of mullet, squid and fresh bait with 40-60lb mono leader like Shimano Tiagra for the best presentation.

The Noosa River is seeing a change with the cold snap bringing in a wave of golden trevally. This species is becoming more prevalent and is a great target for all methods of angling. For bait anglers these fish love oily chunk baits like mullet as well as live baits of herring. If using herring, be sure to use wire octopus hooks as they are a fragile baitfish. For lure anglers the Powerbait 3 and 4 inch minnows are perfect when fished with 10lb fluoro leaders and similar lines. You can find these fish throughout the lower estuary with Woods Bay, the current line, Munna Point and the river mouth rocks the favoured spots. With the water still dirty from the rains, you can fish slightly heavier which gives you a shot at a jewfish, tailor, queenfish or bigger flathead. For those anglers searching for bread and butter species then the rocks around the dog beach and the downed trees is perfect for flathead, bream with whiting on the flats. The ski run has been popular with smaller jewfish. These fish are around 60cm and are great fun on light tackle. The min size for keeping one is 75cm so care should be taken with undersized fish as they are not strong when out of the water. They respond well to Keitech soft plastics with 3 and 4 inch easy shiners the most popular. The new PB colour is sure to be hit too with a 1/8th 3/0 jighead. If you need help rigging these supper soft plastics be sure to ask us how to get the most from these premium soft baits.

Freshwaters have been harder to fish with the gusting winds. Holding ground on spot lock with an electric motor which is mandatory in Lake MacDonald is hard and can give your location away. Without doubt when the winds are strong a heavier lure like the hot bite spoon is a must have. You can fish these out the back as you follow your path. Spinner baits also work well as do heavy soft plastics weighted on 3/8th jigheads. When plastics are this heavy you can keep them low to the bottom if that is where your target fish are sitting. Next weekend is the Borumba comp so hopefully we do well and can give you a report on our Facebook pages.

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