Tips to help ensure survival of juvenile mulloway

How you can help our mighty mulloway – Tip 1

Some fishers may have noticed there has been a strong recent recruitment pulse of mulloway, with reports of large numbers of juvenile fish (40-60cm) in estuaries and off some ocean beaches and inshore reefs.

This follows three years of high rainfall and associated high estuarine flows. This recruitment pulse represents a great opportunity to boost the stock of this highly valued species.

Mulloway are an important and iconic species in NSW and therefore we are encouraging all fishers to help ensure as many juveniles as possible of this fast-growing species survive through to maturity, to increase the chances of the stock recovering from its “depleted” status.

Tips to help ensure survival of juvenile mulloway:

1. Reduce the risk caused by deep hooking

Use circle hooks when using bait – Circle hooks significantly reduce the risk of deep hooking. Choose non-offset circle hooks for the best results. To use them successfully you need to adapt your fishing technique by not striking and keeping the hook well exposed. For more circle hook tips go to the DPI website.

Or use lures – Fish caught using lures tend not to be deeply hooked. Using lures with single hooks also reduces any hook-related damage.

DPI is providing advice across all fisheries to take every possible precaution to avoid potential bycatch of these juvenile mulloway to support stock recovery in NSW.

See more catch and release tips on the DPI website.

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