Two new artificial reefs now deployed in NSW

Forster and Central Coast artificial reefs are now in and available for recreational fishers in NSW!

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in building artificial reefs in NSW?

Two new artificial reefs have recently been deployed off Forster and the Central Coast. Each reef has a footprint of 16m x 16m and are 12m high. These pictures show the reefs being assembled in White Bay, Sydney.

DPI ensures innovative design and deployment methods are used that create high quality, complex marine habitats. As seen in the photos, the reefs have plates to deflect currents and create eddies which concentrate phytoplankton in the water column attracting pelagic species while the structure itself provides surfaces and niche habitat for settlement and benthic productivity.

Using funds from the Recreational Fishing Trust and the Marine Estate Management Strategy, these new structures provide habitat to enhance your fishing experience for decades to come.

DPI is now seeking feedback on the next proposed artificial reef locations off the Coffs and Ballina coasts. For more info please visit www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/recreational/resources/artificial-reef

The Offshore Artificial Reefs Program is a great example of your Recreational Fishing Licence fees at work!

For more information on the Offshore Artificial Reefs, please visit DPIs website.

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