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Jesse Baker caught this cobia at Halls Reef in the afternoon on Wednesday. Photo: fishingnoosa.com.au

Typical winter weather and fishing off Noosa

What a turn around and what a shame for those who had the weekend off. The weather gods turned things around following a blustery weekend and we got stuck into some typical winter weather. With a fading ground swell to less than a metre and light offshore winds anyone who had time off was headed offshore. The local reefs that had a solid break turned on and we saw some solid snapper and sweetlip coming in. The pelagics have moved on and for now it’s all about floating baits and plastics for a big red. There is always a chance of al longtail tuna so be sure all reels are fully loaded with braid.  North reef has seen some great sized jewies, pearl perch, estuary cod and even a few cobia. As usual the paternoster rig proves successful as does Chicko’s reef rig. If heading to North reef and you fancy a feed of spanner crabs be sure to take your dillies and drop a few on the sandy areas before you hit the rubble patches. Reports have come through of some great catches so ask the guys if you need help setting one up. Drifting Sunshine Reef is a great idea for those using plastics and slow jigs. The light winds and light current due to neap tides is the perfect time to explore this expansive system and get some decent marks into your sounders as you drift. You can also expect to find some solid reefies too so keep drags tight and break out the lighter gear. If you have a boat with long range fuel tanks then Double Island has been producing good sized snapper, small amberjack, cobia, pearl perch and big red emperors and cod species.

The surf has come alive following the big swell and some great gutters are now exposed and ready to fish all along the coast, especially from Sunshine headed south toward Point Arkwright. Small jewies are about as are tailor and these fish are mainly showing up in the darker hours. The tides toward the end of the week saw 6pm highs which is always a popular time to chase these fish on gang hooked whole fish baits and single worm hook rigs loaded with fresh beachworm. The headlands also provided fun for anglers using lighter estuary combos with small trevally, dart and bream on the chew. These fish can run very hard and around the rocks can be a great way to learn how to tackle these fish and understand what your gear is capable of. Drifting small grub style plastics through the wash is sure to get the bite. Use plenty of scent and allow your targets time to smash your offering. Another great option is to cast a shallow diving lure alongside the rocks and twitch or slow wind it back. This gets any fish sitting deep in a hole to come out and smash your lure as it passes by.

The freshwater has warmed a little from the sunny days, light winds and now rain. Lake MacDonald is still overflowing as the run off continues to empty into this catchment. If you can see areas where water is entering from overland this is a great place to approach with super stealth. Big toga and bass will sit in these areas waiting for prey items to be washed in. It is important to sit way back and get the lure as close to the bank and not behind them so they do not spook. Grub and paddle tail plastics are key and lightly weight them so they have some time to fall downward and look natural. In Borumba try the big weed line on the left that extends beyond the tree line. This is a great place to chase bass sitting in the weed enjoying the warmer waters. Elsewhere running deep diving, suspending hardbodies are the go as are halco twisties, slow blatt ovals and gang banger spoons.

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