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Woolgoolga Headland is home to diverse species

WOOLGOOLGA Headland, 26km north of Coffs Harbour, is part of the habitat protection zone of the Solitary Islands Marine Park and is home to animals including snails, barnacles, limpets, oysters, crabs and starfish.

NSW DPI’s manager for the Solitary Islands Marine Park Nicole Strehling said fishing and hand collection of fish and shellfish is permitted at Woolgoolga Headland, but must be in accordance with bag and size limits, and other rules.

“The use of different zones within the marine park allows for the protection of plants and animals and their habitats while also supporting continued recreational fishing,” Ms Strehling said. “Collecting sea urchins and cunjevoi is not permitted at Woolgoolga Headland or in other habitat protection zones of the marine park, while the collection of octopus from ocean rock platforms is not permitted in NSW. Anglers must also carry a recreational fishing licence when fishing or collecting any shellfish or invertebrates.”

Fisheries officers undertake regular compliance patrols at Woolgoolga Headland and throughout the Solitary Islands Marine Park.

“Illegal fishing risks the future of our fisheries resources for legitimate recreational and commercial fishing,” Ms Strehling said. “Advisory signage is installed at key foreshore locations to explain different zoning requirements and advisory guides are available from tackle shops, tourist information centres and NSW DPI Fisheries offices. People found illegally fishing can expect severe consequences.”

Anyone with information on suspected illegal fishing activity is urged to contact their local Fisheries office, call the Fishers Watch phone line on 1800 043 536 or report illegal fishing activities online. For more information on the Solitary Islands Marine Park zones, download the Fish Smart NSW app, which provides maps that use your smartphone’s GPS to establish accurate positioning relative to the different marine park zones.

Information on NSW recreational fishing rules and the Solitary Islands Marine Park can be found on the NSW DPI website dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing

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