Zerek Flat Shad X Jig Head Rigged

Zerek Flat Shad X Jig Head Rigged

Revolution rarely comes twice in the one lure, but the Zerek Flat Shad X revolutionises the revolutionary Flat Shad.

At the heart of the Flat Shad X is the patented belly slits that allow the plastic to easily compress in any direction, exposing the hook to ensure solid hook-ups.

But the X takes the revolution to another level.

The jig head rigged Flat Shad X incorporates a Kevlar webbed tail that is segmented to provide incredible movement from the boot tail.

This creates a rolling action as well as a beautiful undulating tail that fish can’t help but attack when retrieved at the slowest of speeds.

In the two larger sizes 145mm and 170mm, the exposed jig head hook sits proud on top, while a supplied stinger hook is fitted under the belly of the lure.

But it doesn’t end there.

There is also a further stinger attachment eyelet above the eye of the lure on the head, behind the towing eyelet.

This allows anglers to place a treble up on top on weedy or snaggy country and swap out the bottom stinger for a flashy blade or similar.

The two smallest 90mm and 130mm Flat Shad X feature an internal jig head with a stinger attachment hidden in the collapsible belly area, with the 130mm sporting an additional stinger attachment above the eye as per the 145mm and 170mm models.

Available in 11 colours that include natural patterns and attractor colours, the jig head rigged Flat Shad X will be available in 90mm 8g, 130mm 28g, 145mm 60g and 170mm 73g options.

The jig head rigged Flat Shad X really does provide unlimited rigging and fishing options and is a genuine revolution in the Flat Shad range.

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