Ben Smith

Invincible 33′ Catamaran

Invincible 33

THE exhilaration of having 800hp at your disposal on a 10m fishing platform with gunwale-to-gunwale fishing space is an experience that many of us don’t often get. Recently, I was very privileged to be able to test such an incredible machine. Invincible 33 The Invincible 33′ Catamaran is not only one of the best fishing platforms I’ve ever been able …

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Mixing up offshore techniques

fishing sessions

Do you ever ask yourself why some fishing sessions are successful though others are a bit of a dud? I often ask myself this question because it’s not every time we go fishing that we are able to come home with a trophy fish. In fact, sometimes we are barely able to even catch our bag limit. For years I’ve …

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Preparing for Gold Coast snapper

I am guessing that like me, many of you will be wondering when this windy and rainy weather will stop. Gold Coast snapper Though it may seem to be a bit of an inconvenience, it is in actual fact creating a wonderful and very strong fish population for winter. Gold Coast snapper These weather cycles do two things in particular. …

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Custom-built snapper rod

Catching a trophy fish is always something special but having caught it on a custom-built rod specifically designed for the job is even better. Custom-built rod In this article, I want to share with you the process from start to finish on how – with the help of the team at United Tackle Australia and some input from my experiences …

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Strategies for winter species

It will soon be the start of May and that means cooler mornings and warm days. Strategies for winter species The sea will begin to flatten out, the days will get shorter and the winter species will move into closer grounds. Strategies for winter species The heavy rains we had earlier in the year made the water dirty, so this …

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Lowrance HDS-9 Live overview

Lowrance HDS-9 Live

Selecting the appropriate electronics package is very important when starting out in a new boat. Lowrance HDS-9 Live Having a unit that can do all that you want and all that you need it to do is key to your success. Lowrance HDS-9 Live I’ve been asked on many occasions why I chose the Lowrance HDS-9 Live unit in my …

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Bar Crusher 670HT review

It’s a very rare occasion that we manage to get three brand new Bar Crusher 670 Hardtops in the same place at the same time. A couple of weeks ago, the plan came together with the organisation of Rod Elliot from AMC and his staff to take these boats out for a combined water test and review to document their …

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Summer snapper and dollies

Summer snapper dollies

Exciting times are coming for the Gold Coast in the next month. Summer snapper and dollies With great weather and ideal rainfall predicted for the start of 2022, as well as awesome new products being available, great catches will be had on the fishing front for all of February. Summer snapper and dollies With the release of many new products …

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All set for summer on the Gold Coast

summer Gold Coast

The past month has been interesting, challenging and a lot of fun. The fishing has been absolutely terrific, but the weather has been on and off. The early season thunderstorms created a few testing times on the water. The large downpours of rain have been good though, pushing the bait fish out into deeper channels creating some awesome opportunities around …

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Lake Coolmunda Caravan Park

Lake Coolmunda Caravan

The festive season is on our doorstep again and many of us are looking for a great escape for the holidays. Having three boys, I’ve always looked for somewhere that would be safe, a heap of fun and good value for money – to let them roam free without the influences of phones and computer games. Lake Coolmunda Caravan Park …

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