Safe boating essentials

boating essentials

GETTING out on the water in your own boat is one of life’s simple pleasures. It can be very pleasant on calm days and is even more enjoyable when you bring home a nice catch of fish. In some families, boating knowledge is passed down through the generations and as a result some young boaters are well prepared when they …

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Boaties warned of hidden dangers at lakes as SEQ’s water level hits 60 percent

hidden dangers seqwater

BOATIES heading out on southeast Queensland’s lakes this summer are being reminded to be vigilant for hidden dangers under the water with the region’s combined dam levels at 60 per cent capacity. After a drier than average year, Seqwater advises that lower water levels at some of their lakes have increased the danger of submerged and semi-submerged hazards in the …

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Tides now coming in for fisherfolk and beach drivers

tides coming in

COPIES of the definitive pocketbook guides for fisherfolk, four-wheel-drivers, caravanners and campers who go beachside on the eastern coastline, are now in retail outlets. The 2020 editions of the Tide Guide and Angler’s Almanac publications cover a 14-month period from now until December 2020. Since 1991 they have been informing people of the most likely times and tides to catch …

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Don’t get into a knot over rope types

rope types

WAY before Tarzan started swinging his way through the African jungle canopy on natural vines, seafarers had crafted magnificent ropes from all sorts of materials including hemp, manila and cotton, specifically for use in boats. Coupled with a clutch of great knots like the bowline, the figure eight, the rolling hitch, the sheet bend and others, they quickly learnt some …

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Bargains don’t always equate to insurable value

insurable boat

BUSH ‘n Beach has brought Nautilus Marine Insurance on board to expand the fine print and provide readers with clear, easy-to-understand and helpful tips on protecting their boating assets. The scenario There’s nothing like a good series of storms in the US coastal boating states or a significant change in monetary exchange rates to trigger another zeroing in on the …

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Insuring the full kit and kaboodle

insuring the full kit boat

BUSH ‘n Beach has brought Nautilus Marine Insurance on board to expand the fine print and provide readers with clear, easy-to-understand and helpful tips on protecting their boating assets. The scenario More than 50 years ago the Daily Mirror in London backed the concept of a ‘build it at home’ boat – the 3.3m sailing dingy, the Mirror. In conjunction …

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Wynnum Marine looks to win again

wynnum marine

LAST year Wynnum Marine went all out and ended up winning ‘Best Boating Display’ at the 2018 Brisbane Boat Show, and the team is aiming to take the title again this year. With the country’s leading brands including Stacer, Cruise Craft Boats and Yamaha Outboards, Wynnum Marine really has all your boating needs covered. Wynnum Marine will have almost the …

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Australian Marine Centre brings Aussie brands

australian marine centre boat show

AUSTRALIAN Marine Centre will be exhibiting a huge range of premium-quality boats at this year’s Brisbane Boat Show at unbeatable boat show pricing. On display will be two of the best-built, most-reliable alloy boat brands available in Australia. Bar Crusher, whose boats are notoriously known as ‘fishing weapons’, high-tensile plate alloy boats and Aquamaster, a locally built Brisbane-based pressed tinnie. …

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Sea Jay Boats displays a huge range at the Show

sea jay boats boat show

SEA Jay Boats is a family owned and operated business based in Queensland. From humble beginnings in 1989, Sea Jay has grown to be one of Australia’s largest boat manufacturers, building everything from small roof-topper tinnies, open boats, console boats and runabouts right through to dedicated offshore cabin boats – the range is massive! Sea Jay Boats stand for market-leading …

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Sydney International Boat Show opens today!

sydney international boat show 2019

THE Sydney International Boat Show opens today (Thursday) at ICC Sydney and Cockle Bay Marina, Darling Harbour – doors opened at 10AM. From today and through the weekend, including Bank Holiday Monday, the Southern Hemisphere’s most comprehensive recreational marine exhibition fills the ICC Sydney and custom-built marina at Cockle Bay Darling Harbour, presenting everything for boating, cruising, sailing, skiing, wakeboarding, …

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