Sunshine Coast Noosa
Leisa boated this quality fingermark up near the Noosa North Shore Ferries while on a Noosa River Fishing Safari. Photo credits:

Sunshine Coast Noosa – weekly report

Good times ahead – Finally, we saw a brief break in the relentless weather that has been hitting us from all angles since last year! It was certainly a case of the early bird got a shot at the fish, with some cracking captures reported. Sunshine Coast Noosa

For most, it was all about the mackerel and a few fish were landed with several more lost. They were taking slow-trolled garfish and even pilchard floaters for those on anchor or running a slow drift. North Reef appeared to be the pick of the spots and as expected the reef fishing was great. Anglers reported catching solid numbers of pearl perch in the deeper areas, with grass sweetlip from Sunshine and wide of there. Sunshine Coast Noosa

Other than that, a few yellowfin tuna in the 4kg range showed up, as did a monster wahoo – so you never know what to expect on your offshore adventures. South of Noosa was a similar story, with mackerel and reef fish making this time of a year great to head out, if you can. Sunshine Coast Noosa

For surf anglers, it’s still a case of moving around the gutters and trying them from all angles with a light running rig. If you don’t find the fish inside half an hour, take a stroll down the beach to another gutter. Using hooks such as the Mustad Fine Wire ensures the lightest bite ends in a hook-up, and when topped off with beachworm or squid, you can expect to find the fish if they’re there.

The river has seen some solid fish caught and as we move away from the full moon, the tides will drop off and fish will be once again on the chew. Daytime angling offers flathead around the deeper drop-offs during a run-out tide. Here you can work small grub-style soft plastics, with the Berkley Nemesis a constant catcher of fish. Ensure you keep your plastic close to the bottom and work it along the edges for success. Trevally will pass through this area particularly during tide turns and a minnow-style soft plastic is ideal as they prefer a faster paced offering.

Sunshine Coast Noosa
Craig Mullet got this very nice coral trout from spot X near the Gneering.

There have been good numbers of small giant trevally in the system, and Woods Bay and the sound feature packs of trev. Casting small jigs, plastics and stickbaits is a great way to catch a couple and if using lighter 1-3kg rods and 6lb line, you will have a blast! Keep leaders around 1m long and be sure you let the fish run. If hooks get bent out on larger lures, Owner SSW Cutting Point treble hooks are the preferred upgrade.

With the Noosa River clean, don’t forget you can take a paddle up to the everglades. This is a beautiful part of the river system, with an abundance of wildlife and wild Australian bass. This unique area is to be experienced at least once. Fortunately, you don’t need too much gear, and a kayak is the best way to explore.

If wanting to fish the freshwater, the various dams and lakes in the area are all stocked with bass and other species. We have many lures to help get you connected to some cracking sportfish and with the swell often halting offshore anglers, this makes a great backup. Be sure to pack some soft plastics, blades and surface lures – you can take these anywhere, even the local rivers.

Now for all the latest information, log onto for up-to-date bar and fishing reports, and don’t forget to drop into Tackle World Noosa, Noosa Boating and Outdoors and Northshore Bait & Tackle in Marcoola for all the right equipment, bait and advice to get you catching.

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