Teaching youth fishing
Luke with a cracker of a Moreton Bay snapper.

Teaching our youth to fish

We try to focus on children and families, both in these articles and in the shop particularly. Teaching youth fishing

There is a very good reason for this… ‘teach a child to fish and…’ Teaching youth fishing

There are so many endings to this sentence and not many the same.

Kids learn so much from us at a very young age.

Fishing teaches problem solving, patience, respect, communication skills and so much more!

Don’t wait to teach your young ones how to fish – let them have a great start to life.

Luke managed to find a small window of great weather and managed to get a bit of time on the water.

Time well spent when you come home with a cracker of a Moreton Bay snapper!

Well done Luke, we hope the new boat arrives soon and we get plenty of great photos.

If it’s been a long day or a long stressful week, try something different.

Teaching youth fishing
Ben landed an awesome little bull shark.

At the end of the week, pack the fishing gear and a change of clothes in the car and, when you finish work for the day, slip past a tackle store or even a service station to grab some bait and head off fishing.

Does this sound like too much effort for too little reward?

At the end of your work week, you probably find when you knock off, you’re done, exhausted, over it…

The beauty of fishing is that by spending 1-2 hours wetting a line, suddenly your energy levels are refuelled, you’re relaxed and able to focus.

You might even start your weekend with a whole different view and attitude as well.

Another benefit is that you’re able to process things outside the work environment, and hopefully you can leave a few of your problems on the river or the pier.

Have you ever fished the same spot repeatedly only to be beaten up by something in that area?

You change your tackle, upgrade your combo, get a line the beast won’t break and head back to your spot… only to get beaten up again?

Well, for a few months this happened to one of our customers, Ben.

He’d been busted off so many times and was getting fully frustrated after each one.

And finally, he became the victor – slaying his nemesis (not literally) and landing an awesome little bull shark, aptly named Bully.

Well done Ben.

Your relentless pursuit finally paid off.

Ben said that Bully was released to find another fisho in need of a challenge.

Eric managed to get out and about one evening for bit of an unwind and ended up with a cracking little bream.

Not realising the cost involved when friends are together in close proximity and a fish this size is caught – let the sledging begin!

We had a great session that evening – had a few laughs and tried to get serious, but in the end the fish were the ones taking home the prize.


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