Wilson Zerek Giant Ruby Plus

The Zerek Giant Ruby Plus is a deeper diving variation to that of the original Giant Ruby.

Diving quickly to 6-7m, the Giant Ruby Plus shares the same properties as the giant ruby, including a tight wobbling action, great buoyancy and an excellent colour range.

The high floating nature of the Giant Ruby Plus allows the lure to be worked through thick timber and over rock bars as you search for species such as barramundi, Murray cod and Australian bass.

Constructed with a 100 percent ABS body, the reinforced bib will never let you down and the magnetic weight transfer system leads to incredible casting performance for a lure with a large bib.

An internal rattle on the retrieve further enhances this lure’s appeal, drawing the attention of any predatory fish in the area.

There are eight colours available and with a body length of 75mm and a weight of 29g, the Giant Ruby Plus will fill a lot of gaps and catch you more fish.

The Zerek Lure range hit the Australian market in 2012 distributed exclusively through Wilson Fishing.

Zerek uses state of the art 3D Hydrodynamic Technology to design their lures creating extremely life-like swimming actions.

Their innovation in lure development is second to none, and Wilson Fishing works closely with the lure developers to ensure their products are ready to fish all of the extreme situations Australia can expose them to on a daily basis. Zerek is at the forefront of modern lure technology.

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