Brian Dare

Access to stock route network


You may recall an article I wrote in regards to access on stock and water reserves, with fishing in mind. Well, that consultation paper was put out in 2019 and you were all given from April 8 to May 10, 2019 to make comment. I wrote about one council that actually took into account tourism and recreational needs, which included …

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Qld Freshwater Fish Stocking Workshop


Back on October 14-16, the 2022 Queensland freshwater workshop took place in Mackay. A printout of the proceedings was released to the fish-stocking groups. This workshop is of interest to all freshwater anglers, not only fish-stocking groups. I feel that this 12-page report should be obtainable by anglers either by post or by Fisheries Queensland on its website, to get …

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Key factors to focus on for freshwater workshops

Freshwater workshops

As the saying goes, “To be forewarned is to be forearmed,” and this will be the case at this gathering of like-minded anglers and fish stockers. Freshwater workshops There are many points to be dragged through the coals, which will also include ‘actions’ and ‘results’. Freshwater biologists – ‘a total lack of’ Research into the results of fish restocking on …

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Largest stocking rate to date

Largest stocking rate

It’s been a bit of a downer for some anglers, and as I mentioned last month, it’s re-think time. Largest stocking rate Yellowbelly can be taken 2.5m below the surface with small hard-body lures set around 4m behind the boat trolling or just casting into the tight inlets where water flows down from recent rainfall. Largest stocking rate The gullies …

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River fishing before cod closure

IT’S been a little while since I’ve had to give thought to actual water safety on our local headwater streams. Unlike rivers, most think of these as large wide expanses of water and the use of small petrol boat motors or electric battery powered systems. This is not the case for systems in the southern downs and upper northern Murray …

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Green again around Glenlyon

green again

LIKE most regions, we have had some rain, though not enough at the time of writing. However, a flow of water down the Mole River and into the Dumaresq River will contribute to making things green again around Glenlyon. For those who don’t quite know their geography, the Dumaresq is a stretch of water between the NSW and Queensland borders. …

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Glenlyon Dam on the rise

glenlyon dam level rise

AS pen goes to paper, I look up and see the glint of water through the trees at the Glenlyon Dam kiosk. The level in Glenlyon is just on 14 percent capacity, and we’re hopeful of steady rainfall increasing this between now and May. Though for now, with a little care we can access as far as the cod run. …

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Dry Conditions at Glenlyon Dam

It was like a mini lure show with a wide range of different types on display. Many thanks to all those lure makers who donated their wares. A very happy Belinda Finch was the lucky winner of the beautiful lures and you had to make an appointment to talk to her after the win. A special thanks needs to go to those …

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Travelling Stock Reserves Locking Fishers Out

LOOKING back over 25 years of what I would class as the better part of my life as an angler who throws bits of coloured wood into freshwater streams, I have had a ball. We all need to let the authorities know how we still require access to these locations throughout NSW. Make sure you have your say by December …

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