Darren Rama

Tips for snapper fishing post-closure


Fresh mornings are still to come for we fishos in southeast Queensland. fishing In my opinion, August is a great month for all sorts of fishing – from offshore to impoundments – and often it can be quite a tricky situation simply determining what type of fishing to do on the day. Offshore on the Gold Coast, we’re lucky enough …

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Gearing up for Gold Coast snapper

G’day fishos, July already! Gold Coast snapper We have had a very challenging first half to the year but we’ve managed to pull through, bringing us into the middle of winter with favourable conditions over the past few weeks. Hopefully, we can follow suit and have a cracker season on our colder water species. With the Gold Coast’s offshore fishing, …

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Techniques for targeting mackerel

G’day fellow fishos, I hope all have been well and are recovering from the past few weather events we’ve encountered and endured – which have also played a big role in fishing our waterways. Targeting mackerel For offshore fishing, before our last downpour of rain, people were starting to do well on spanish mackerel on various types of techniques – …

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Exceptional fishing expected offshore through October

G’day champions, it’s been a while since I shared information on what’s biting around the Gold Coast but it’s good to be back. With the constant battle of getting through this pandemic, fishing when we’re able to has been a great way to keep minds at ease. fishing offshore october Offshore in October will hopefully produce the same exceptional fishing …

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Booking a charter in Hervey Bay

It’s already November and it seems summer is already here in full swing with warmer water species taking centre-stage in southeast Queensland. Mangrove jack have already been terrorising our canal and natural structure systems, while offshore we are already seeing our mahi mahi and yellowfin tuna showing up in plague proportions. Hervey Bay charter With COVID-19 and our first year …

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Winter species still strong on Gold Coast

WINTER has flown by and we are already almost into spring, though our winter species here on the Gold Coast will still be in full swing. Here in Queensland we have just experienced our first year of the snapper and pearl perch closure, which was in effect until August 15, meaning you could not target or keep either of these …

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Gold Coast fish happy to hunt in the cool

fish hunt cool gold coast

WE are just past the halfway point of yet another fast-paced year. This month will see a good result for those targeting most southern species both offshore and inshore. Offshore we have heard good reports of jewfish and cobia on the hunt for anglers fishing the closer reefs leading into the night with live baits. Hopefully this continues. Whales are …

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Fish light for a winter bite

fish light winter bite

WINTER has well and truly kicked in, with cold mornings and nippy wind, but it has been a pretty successful cold season so far, with plenty of fish caught inshore, offshore and in fresh water. Offshore anglers who fish light are enjoying good snapper fishing on small drop-offs using 3”-4” soft plastics on light 1/6oz and 1/4oz jig heads, which …

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Cleaning up Gold Coast carp on fly

gold coast carp on fly

They can be frustrating at the best of times but any carp caught and taken out of our waterways is one (or more) native fish better off. Targeting carp on fly is not the easiest of tasks. I use 5 and 7-weight fly rods, using line weights to match the rods, as well as 8-10lb leader. As far as flies …

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Gold Coast fishing firing up

gold coast fishing

My lure of choice is a soft plastic. I prefer the 3” Fish Arrow Flash J Split with a 1/16oz TT Head Hunter jig head. I twitch this lure through the schools until I get a strike. A tell-tale sign that the fish you’re casting at are in fact tarpon rather than mullet is when after a rise, a distinctive …

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