Gary Churchward

Autumn fishing in Gladstone starts

BY the time this publication hits there should be a chill in the air as we move well into autumn fishing in Gladstone. The change of weather means the fish species we target will slowly change from barramundi and mangrove jack to blue threadfin salmon and grunter. If we’re lucky enough, we’ll still be able to actively catch all species …

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CQ action in Harbour and rivers

CQ fingermark

OK, so December and January have come and gone, the festive season is over and most of us are back into the grind called work. Many of us are not fishing as often as we’d prefer, juggling work, kids and house duties and when we do get out, it’s for possibly rushed trips with bad tides and difficult conditions. CQ …

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Hot options in Central Queensland

WHAT a year 2020 was – bring on 2021. Hopefully we have seen the worst and the world will start to slowly return to normal. The whole COVID-19 saga has affected people in different ways. Tourism was an industry hardest hit and this has had a flow-on effect, with many small businesses feeling the pressure. Now that restrictions are lifting …

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Plenty of options for a festive fish

WELL, it’s that time of year again when the jolly old fellow in red will soon be around to see us. Many people have their annual holidays around this time, and this causes the waterways to become extremely busy over the festive season. Festive fish For many, this can be one of the few times their boat sees water during …

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Wonderful CQ fishing fires up

FOR all varieties of angler, Central Queensland covers most of your fishing options, goals and needs. Central Queensland runs from Gladstone in the south to Mackay in the north and covers about 500km of coastline. With many locations reachable only via sea, many locations are virtually untapped. Here’s a breakdown of what CQ has to offer in fish species and …

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CQ barra fever starts

DUST off your baitcasters and change your hooks on your favourite barramundi lures because September has finally arrived! We can wave goodbye to winter because it’s definitely time to let barra fever take over. Longer days, warmer early mornings and rising water temperature have fish such as barra and mangrove jack becoming more active and with longer bite windows. With …

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Autumn fishing Gladstone style

autumn fishing Gladstone

WELCOME to autumn. February definitely brought the heat and, finally, rain to most parts of Queensland, setting things up nicely for autumn fishing Gladstone style. Closer to the coast, rainfall has ensured the rivers and creeks get a much-needed flush of fresh water. Though I feel for the struggling farmers who missed out on relief from drought conditions and my …

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Barra closed season but other species around Gladstone rock bars

rock bars gladstone

THE first day of November is a sad one because the saltwater barra closed season starts with it. However, the closure is also a good thing because it gives these great fish a chance to breed and their numbers to increase. On the upside, loads of other fish species are there to take their place, and with the increasing temperature, …

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Gearing Up for Queensland Barra

 Although you might get a couple on shallow snags and drains, larger fish will more commonly be found in deep sections. I classify water of 5m and over as deep, and most of these locations will have a large amount of current around them. It can be hard to fish these places during the peak run of the tides and most …

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