Justin Willmer

Having a look at lines and leaders

lines leaders braid

I thought I would look at why we have different types of lines and leaders available to us as anglers. lines leaders braid Platypus Fishing lines have been Australian owned, operated and manufactured since 1898, making them Australia’s longest running fishing tackle brand. lines leaders braid Each spool of Platypus line is touched by about eight Aussie workers before it …

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Spinning for mackerel and tuna

Spinning mackerel tuna

Nervous bait appears like rain on the surface of the water before out of nowhere the attack comes from both below and above. Fish fins and teeth carve up the surface of the water and birds descend from above, taking advantage of the hapless baitfish that have nowhere left to run. A quick cast into the melee, a few fast …

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Top 10 tips for rigging and fishing weedless soft plastics

rigging weedless plastics

With impoundments firing for barramundi and bass, mangrove jack on the chew and other heavy structure dwellers waking up from the winter chill, I thought it would be a good time to share a few tips for rigging and fishing with weedless rigged soft plastics. rigging weedless plastics Weedless rigging allows you to present your plastic over, through and into …

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Bassin’ with blade baits

Bassin’ blade baits

The warming weather signals the start of the edge bite and it’s time to dig out those reaction baits, ready for the shoulder dislocating strikes and screaming runs of big summer bass. Casting to the edges of the banks, weed, lilies and in among the timber, starting the retrieve and then being absolutely crunched by a big bass sees involuntary …

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Fishing for snag dwellers

The weather is warming up and our favourite snag dwellers are starting to stir, shake off the colder winter months and smash up the local herring and poddy mullet population. The ability to entice a bite from snag dwellers, such as flathead, bass, barramundi – impoundment for those chasing them during the closed season – and mangrove jack, often hinges …

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GOAT fishing with ZMan

AFTER catching my first fish on a soft plastic about 35 years ago, I have been hooked and have fished many styles, types and colours of plastics, learning to rig and fish them a stack of different ways over the years. Soft plastics are relatively inexpensive, look real, feel real and with a squirt of scent they even smell and …

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Winter tactics for tackling toothy tailor

AS daylight hours get shorter, the temperature falls and cool breezes blow in from the west, tailor anglers begin to gear up to take on schools of the aggressive feeding and hard fighting tailor that invade our beaches, headlands, river mouths and estuaries. Large groups of anglers have been found standing shoulder to shoulder on beaches and headlands, while clusters …

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Fishing after the rain

AFTER receiving a call from my folks that they were coming to stay and fish on the weekend, I checked the water conditions and as expected it resembled coffee. We received considerable rainfall down the east coast of Australia recently and this could mean that anglers would be faced with dirty water for a few weeks. All is not lost …

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Prepare for Plan B

IT has often been said “It’s called fishing, not catching,” especially after a session that wasn’t overly productive… or even worse, a dreaded donut, zilch, zip, nothing. Over the years, I’ve managed to avoid donut days by having a Plan B – and often even a C, D and E – just in case the chosen technique, location or species …

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Introducing kids to fishing

ASK a bunch of anglers how they got into fishing and you’ll probably find many have the same response – catching a bream land-based with family or friends. This scenario was probably my entry into fishing too. I have been lucky enough to help a bunch of kids catch their first fish land-based in the decades that have followed. In …

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