Tackle World Noosa

Near perfect conditions inside Noosa bay


Well what a turn out for the winter time weather. The westerly offshore winds gave way to a blustery southerly change and the swell has remained very low to almost non existent on the Noosa bar. Anyone who had a boat sure made the most of the near perfect conditions inside the local bay. With the Noosa headlands blocking the …

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Noosa River goes through quieter phase

quieter fishing noosa river

With the winds picking up slightly we saw only the larger boats or experienced skippers crossing the bar and fishing the local reefs. The swell was very close together as wind swell combined with a fading ground swell and run out tides so slow and steady was the best approach. Toward the end of the week we had westerly winds …

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Warm water sees cobia, sweetlip and coral trout off Noosa

cobia sunshine coast

We had some near glass out days with next to no swell offshore. The Noosa bar however claimed another boat during the low tide and a mid-week bump in the swell. The channel is ever changing so do not rely on any tracks older than a week or so as you could become stuck in the sand. A word of …

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Fishing far and wide off Noosa only getting better

fishing far and wide noosa

Well that was July and what a turn in the weather we have had. Finally the winter weather gods smiled and gave us light winds, low swell and mid 20 degree temps to help forget the cold mornings. Pretty much anyone with a rod managed to get out there and enjoy what is on offer. The fishing far and wide …

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Tailor and jewies to improve on Sunshine Coast beaches

tailor and jewies sunshine coast

With Sunday and Monday blowing 30 knots or more it came as a welcome surprise to see glassed out conditions on Tuesday and much of the week. In the lead up to the Full moon the fish were certainly chewing hard with some outstanding captures in the river. Offshore we saw a solid mixed bag of species and a few …

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Typical winter weather and fishing off Noosa

typical winter fishing noosa

What a turn around and what a shame for those who had the weekend off. The weather gods turned things around following a blustery weekend and we got stuck into some typical winter weather. With a fading ground swell to less than a metre and light offshore winds anyone who had time off was headed offshore. The local reefs that …

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Winds strong enough to blow a dog off its lead

With winds strong enough to blow a dog off its lead, only a few charters made it out to the local reefs for small snapper, sweetlip and estuary cod. The week ahead is looking promising with a drop in the winds and swell with 4 knots light and variable and 1m of swell on the cards. Noosa river mouth has …

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Offshore on hold but fish still feeding hard in rivers

fish feeding hard noosa

Well what a week of bad weather! Offshore has been put on hold while we have 20knot winds and 2 meters of SW swell. Right at the start of the week a few boats crossed the bar before things really kicked off and fishing the local reefs of Sunshine and North. The usual catches were of course snapper which are …

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Offshore crew enjoy all the Sunshine Coast has to offer

offshore crew sunshine coast

Recently the offshore crew went out and enjoyed all the local reefs had to offer. Double Island is still a great option for those boats heading wide and the pelagics are definitely thicker there. There have also been some really nice reds and scarlet sea perch along with medium sized snapper, amber jack and even a wahoo or two to …

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Sunshine Coast fishing lights up


Light winds and low swells has seen the coast light up with boats headed far and wide with all anglers grabbing a feed of reef and pelagic species. In close Halls Reef directly off Noosa has been producing some cracking longtail tuna. These fish have been taking a mix of floated dead baits like pilchard and slimy mackerel on gang …

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