Cape York

The rewards of mentoring

THE older you get, the greater the realisation that there is more to fishing than merely catching fish. In fact, helping others embrace and enjoy the experience is definitely number one in terms of personal satisfaction. Mentoring rewards If there’s one thing my 30 years as a professional guide has taught me, it’s that unless you’re able to enjoy the …

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A bit about crocodiles

THE arrival of decent storms in October and November across much of the Cape signalled a likely early onset of the monsoon season – as predicted by the Bureau of Meteorology. Because the country is initially so dry at this time of year, the first runs in rivers and creeks are not usually sustained and levels drop over the following …

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Southeast Cape – Cape Melville magic

MY final article on destinations in southern Cape York focuses on the magical Cape Melville area, tucked away in a remote corner of the east coast. This place of stunning scenery features picturesque coastlines and islands set against the rugged backdrop of the Melville Range’s huge granite boulders. The main camping area is within Cape Melville National Park at the …

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Annual camping trip to Weipa

MY annual trip north with my friend Dave is over, but it was a cracker. We weren’t sure if we’d get to Weipa to begin with because people on the northern forums said it was closed for the rest of the year due to COVID-19. Weipa camping A good friend, who was heading north to camp at the same spot …

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Cape York heats up in October

OCTOBER is an exciting time to explore Cape York. Fishing will fire up as water temperature continues to increase. Better weather windows will also present with the build-up to the wet season. This allows avid boaties to travel further and access exceptional fishing. Spanish mackerel will certainly be one target species, which will increase in numbers in the coming months. …

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Stunning southeast Cape – part one

SOMETIMES people just don’t have enough time to do the full ‘tip trip’ – that’s just a reality. Others have done so but want to return to Cape York to further explore this amazing region. There’s an abundance of smaller areas to visit, and one of the best is the southeastern corner, from roughly the Bloomfield River north to Bathurst …

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Cape York’s wonderful Wenlock River

WELL, with all the who-haa that’s been going on, here at Cape York we locals finally got a late OK from authorities to travel within the Cape’s ‘biosecurity region’. So, my wife Shelley and I decided to tackle the 8-hour lap from Cooktown to Weipa to visit our kids, and of course get out for a fish in that magical …

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Towing the van to the tip of Cape York

tip of cape

WHAT an amazing month we’ve had. This month we travelled to the tip of Cape York the most northern point of the Australian continent. When you hear people talk about the Cape, a lot of discussion revolves around the four-wheel-driving opportunities on the famous Telegraph Track and Gunshot, which is just a crazy vertical drop into a creek. Though the …

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What to expect when road tripping Cape York

cape york fingermark

MOST Aussies would have a trip to Cape York near the top of their bucket list. As a bloke who has had the privilege of living there since the late 1980s, I have plenty of first-hand knowledge of what the attractions are and understand exactly why the Cape is such an icon in our national psyche. Even in these modern …

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