Coral Trout

Interesting facts on coral trout

Coral trout fishers provide some of the freshest sustainably harvested seafood to Queenslanders. The firm pearly white flesh is considered to be the finest eating of all of our reef fish. Interesting facts: Don’t be fooled by the name – they’re not a trout at all, they’re actually a member of the grouper and cod family They’re ambush predators that …

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Quick trip to Cooktown


Late November and early December bring glassy and extremely humid conditions to far north Queensland. The transition period into the wet season – known as the doldrums – sees the strong southeasterly wind completely drop out. It can be one of the most exciting times to visit Cape York.   Most travellers have headed south to avoid the onset of …

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Crazy coral trout in Hervey Bay

I’VE always been a big fan of getting away to destinations that I don’t get to fish often. A lot of these trips are often planned with little notice and end up with two swags and an Esky full of cold drinks driving north on a Friday afternoon. Coral trout Hervey One of my friends had been talking about a …

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Trying new things on the reef at Turkey Beach

AFTER our Swains sortie, George and I decided to head to Turkey Beach for an overnight fishing trip because we hadn’t fished that region since October last year. Weather, circumstances and other commitments kept getting in the way and unlike many other fishers, we chose not to fish the area during the COVID-19 lockdown good weather, when social distancing and …

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Winter trip to Swains

THE snapper and pearl perch closed season for this year is now done and dusted and the overall feedback from most people is very supportive. There have been a few negative and veiled swipes at the closure conducted through the media, but they all link back to people who have a vested interest or who earn good money from being …

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Sensational September on the Capricorn Coast

IT’S time to get the razor out and shave off the winter hibernation because the worst is now behind us.  I probably shouldn’t degrade the colder months this way, as there were amazing captures and weather over the past three months. I’m definitely more of a warmer water fan though. You’re not arguing over who has to get wet to …

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Treble hooks are a triple threat

Treble hooks

FINDING the perfect lure is an almost impossible task. Most fishers overlook the hooks on their lures even though hooks are the most important aspect of fish catching ability. So what treble hooks should you choose when upgrading lures? With so many options available, it can be somewhat confusing trying to decide, but each has its place in a tackle box. …

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Exploring Cape York’s east coast

cape york east coast

I BET a host of Queenslanders don’t realise our state actually has a west coast – and it stretches along a coastline equivalent to the distance from the Gold Coast to the Whitsundays! That coastline has only three towns along its length – Karumba, Weipa and the five communities that make up the Northern Peninsula Area, as well as three …

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Extended Swain Reefs charter part 2 – the fishing action!

swain reefs charter fishing trip carlo fishing charters

PICKING up where I left off last month on my week-long live-aboard Swain Reefs charter trip with Carlo Fishing Charters, we’d just wrapped up an incredible morning of fishing a glassed-out Great Barrier Reef. This unreal start to the fishing had us salivating, but not for lunch, rather to get back out in the dories and catch more epic fish! …

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Cracking close to the fishing year at Hinchinbrook

cracking fishing year hinchinbrook

FIRST, a big g’day to everyone and I hope this finds you well.   Another fishing year is almost done and dusted. We’ve had better fishing as the year has come to an end, with good catches both inshore and offshore. It seems the heat has brought out the fish and the going is tough when you’re out on the water …

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