Kylie with an inshore coral trout caught in cool conditions.

Chilling out in Hervey Bay

THE colder weather is here. Eventually flat seas arrived, and cooler water temperatures that ease the metabolism of the prowling sharks means much more relaxed fishing. We’re still losing a few fish to sharks, but it has well and truly dropped off.

Surface feeding has dropped off too, so we turn our eyes deeper. With the use of modern electronics, we hunt with scanners and sonar to target species like trevally and snapper. Trevally have shown up, along with a few squire, but nothing too big as yet. chill Hervey Bay

I generally target snapper with soft plastics. Many believe lightweight soft plastics are the gun presentation, but I also like heavy heads that plummet to the zone or hang deep for long enough to trigger a strike. Each has an advantage, but it is often easy to fish both methods in one vessel.chill Hervey Bay

Kylie landed a solid queenfish.

Heavy rigged plastics are better suited for less advanced anglers. Having a strong darting action and movement is not as important as getting into the strike zone and staying there. Tiger squid are also something we get into up here, although I have had limited success so far this season.

Shallow water squid fishing can be fun over weed and rock. Clean water and forage species need to be present too. Use bream or flathead gear and a squid jig up to size 3.0, depending on depth and current. I like aggressive jerks of the rod, with long pauses, however others like a very slow subtle retrieve.chill Hervey Bay

When you get a bite, strike firmly to turn the jig barbs into the squid’s tentacles. Squid can grip the lure and if you haven’t pronged them, they can just let go. Wear polarised glasses too, because sometimes you will see them following the jig, and when they get really shallow sometimes you can sight cast to them.

Small surface lures can also be useful in ultra-shallow water. On to trevally and when they are playing the game during winter, they are great fun to chase on jigs. Jigs sink fast and you can accurately hit a school of fish once they are spotted on the sounder. If they are fussy you can downsize the jig or try plastics.chill Hervey Bay

Steve showed off the dazzling shine of this beautiful diamond trevally.

Vary the retrieve with the lures until you find the best for the day. They can come in big schools that are large in area and depth, so make sure you present the lure to as many fish in the school as possible. Among the trevally schools you might encounter big cobia, so keep this in mind when you choose your tackle.chill Her

Sam nailed a fish of a lifetime with this cobia.


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