Michelle and Melissa caught these nice arrow squid.

Targeting arrow squid in the Straits

THE winter months in The Great Sandy Strait produces some nice arrow squid. Targeting arrows is a great way to enjoy a day on the water with the family and an awesome way to put some food on the dinner table.

This is a simple style of fishing – all you need is light gear such as a 7’ 2-4kg rod, 8lb line, 2000-3000 size spin reel, a couple of squid jigs and a bottle of tuna oil. Squid can be leader shy, so it is good idea to use a 10-12lb fluorocarbon. We use a paternoster style rig with a snap swivel and a No. 1 snapper lead to get the jig to the bottom. squid sandy strait

Drifting in the deeper channels around the 10m mark over rubble or weedy bottoms in this area is how you will locate the squid. We put two rods out each. One rod we hold and fish with a soft up and down action. Putting the rods in rod holders also works, simply by letting the rod and wave action do all the work. Have a couple of jigs in the water whenever you can, as this will keep the squid allured.squid sandy strait

Dipping the jigs in a tub of tuna oil is another way to entice the squid to eat your jig, especially if they are striking but aren’t hooking up.  There is a downside in using this method and that is that the scent from the tuna oil can also attract the attention of a sea toads. If you wind your jig in and the barbs are missing, you have had a toad fish attack.squid sandy strait

Colour and size of a squid jig can make a big difference to catching arrows in The Straits. Sizes 2.0 and 2.5 and around the 10.5-14.5g weight have been working a treat. Purple and pink colours have produced the best catches. Price of jigs can also make a difference. The cheaper jigs will catch squid, but the material on the jigs may only last one good squid session.squid sandy strait

Spending the extra dollars on a quality jig will improve your catch rate. The lure action is far superior, the material will withstand the constant attack of their sharp beak and the jigs hooks are sharper and stronger. If the material on the jig gets damaged it will affect the lures action and will reduce your catch rate. A couple of my favourite jig brands are Yo-Zuri, Major Craft and Shimano.squid sandy strait


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