Brian Webb

Winter breaming in the Bay

WINTER in the bay means three things, snapper stocks increase, tailor turn up in reasonable numbers, and the humble bream are easier to find due to it being their spawning season, and they school up around most creek or river mouths. Some of the better areas to target bream are the river and creeks on the northside, and areas like …

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Tips for snapper in Moreton Bay

WITH winter upon us, it’s time dust the gear off and head out into Moreton Bay, as now’s the time to get serious about targeting snapper. Snapper generally feed while on the move – bottom feeding on octopus and small crustaceans – and will also feed mid-water for squid and baitfish. Moreton snapper tips As offshore fish enter the bay, …

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March madness in the Bay

WELL, the spotted mackerel have shown up in reasonable numbers and have been found mainly in the paddock, with bird activity showing the way, especially from the sandhills across to the measured mile. While doggy mackerel are around in good numbers and a fair few were trolling up using paravanes in the Rous Channel and near the Amity Banks drop-offs, …

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Moreton Bay grassie guide

MORETON Bay holds heaps of shallow water areas. When we fish the shallows, we look for rubble patches and any other good-looking structure that holds bait on a high tide. What that means is you fish the shallows on a high tide and retreat to the drop-offs on a low tide. Moreton grassie Peak bite times are dawn and dusk, …

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Shallow snapper secrets

I SPEND many hours exploring and pursuing shallow water snapper in Moreton Bay, and nothing comes close to matching the aggression and brute power these fish have. I use the term shallow water to describe the water I fish, as it’s not often I find myself casting a lure for snapper any deeper than 1.5-5m. Shallow snapper A huge variety …

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Summer options in the Bay

AS summer kicks into gear, species such as estuary cod, mangrove jack, threadfin salmon, snapper, grass sweetlip, spangled emperor, tuskfish, moses perch, trevally and other pelagics come into play. Most of the reef species can be found around the bay islands, artificial reefs and in the Brisbane River, while pelagics are found in more open waters. The shipping channel, Rous, …

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Brisbane spring and summer jewfish

THE Brisbane River is home to a huge array of fish including  bream, flathead, snapper, cod, king threadfin salmon and jewfish. The trick with the river is knowing how and where to target these species. In this article I’ll cover how to catch big jewfish in spring and summer, as there are less soapies around later in the year. summerjewfish …

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Catching squid – basic techniques

Catching squid

CATCHING squid is one of my favourite forms of light tackle fishing. It presents a unique challenge involving slightly different gear, plus the results are delicious.  Though a boat will often dominate the photos you see of squid catches, you can have just as much fun catching them from the shore, and there are a lot of dedicated shore-based squid fishos …

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Volunteer Marine Rescue and Coast Guard Queensland

Volunteer Marine Rescue

THESE two outfits offer volunteer marine search and rescue services to the boating public across 2700km of Queensland coastline. For a paltry $77 per year you can receive these services with no other charges. If you are not a member, it can cost a fortune to have either of these services called out to your boat in distress, especially the Volunteer …

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Two months fishing Moreton Bay

months fishing Moreton

HERE’S a rundown of my two months fishing Moreton Bay, mainly targeting pelagics and whiting (I did very little reef fishing), with most of the departures from Whyte Island and Manly. The end of December was the beginning of our two months fishing Moreton Bay and the lead-up to the new year got off to a good start, with plenty …

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