Chris Raimondi

Chris grew up in southeast Queensland and chases everything from whiting and flathead to red emperor and snapper. Over the past few years Chris’s keenness for offshore reef fishing has grown into a passion. You might also catch Chris gracing your TV screens as a regular on Channel Seven’s Creek to Coast program.

Winter family favourite for fishing K’gari


Despite my social media feeds being filled with European summer holiday images from friends and family, I’ll stay true to my opinion that, in the middle of the year, there’s no better place to be than right here in southeast Queensland. K’gari Crisp sunny days and a cool westerly breeze are as good as it gets and there is no …

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Cool offshore live baiting tactics


The way I see it, there’s no better time and place for offshore fishing than winter in central and southeast Queensland. At the time of writing, the first of the bitterly cold westerly wind gusts were striking the east coast, making for fresh mornings and clear blue skies. Though the current wind speed won’t allow for an offshore trip, the …

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Making memories at K’gari


Over the years, I was fortunate to have spent a lot of time at Fraser Island or, as we now know it, K’gari. The memories I have of my time on the island seem endless and often involve fish. From an 18kg longtail tuna hooked at the boat, to a solo session bag out on red emperor to 13kgs. A …

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Catching reefies on lures

As for many sectors, new technology in the fishing industry has changed how we do things – allowing for new techniques and more effective ways to chase our favourite target species. Catching reefies on lures For many years, lures have been about casting. Catching reefies on lures Whether it’s flicking soft plastics for snapper, launching a metal into a school …

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Trailer boat trips to Fraser Island

Fraser Island – it’s a fishing and boating paradise and, to me, it is simply one of the greatest places on earth. For all its beauty though, Fraser can be a brutal place at times, with many boats and four-wheel-drives coming undone on its soft white sands. Trailer boat trips to Fraser Island can be very rewarding but it’s important …

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Live baiting tricks

FOR a few reasons, live baiting is often a technique overlooked when fishing offshore reefs for bottom-dwelling species. I am not entirely sure why – perhaps it’s because it can be difficult, frustrating and time consuming to catch live bait, but once sourced livies can be dynamite. When you consider that every single lure ever developed aims to mimic an …

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When options run out in Brisbane

THE reefs off Brisbane and highly populated areas of the Gold and Sunshine coasts can often be unhappy hunting grounds for recreational anglers. As for most people, much of my fishing is restricted to weekends. Squeezing your fishing into specific days is the opposite of what is conducive to success. Options Brisbane In a perfect world, we’d only fish when …

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Land-based prospecting in CQ

IF you’re anything like me, you spend far too much time monitoring weather websites waiting for the perfect opportunity to head offshore. Of course, when the weather comes good, that thing called ‘work’ often gets in the way. Then there are current conditions, swell and a stack of other variables to consider if you’re running with a smaller boat as …

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Going solo off Fraser Island

solo red emperor fraser

Those situations were very different to the prospect of beach launching, venturing out through the surf and fishing offshore of Fraser Island solo. Although within radio range of VMR Hervey Bay, the offshore waters east of Fraser Island are fairly remote in that you’re a fair way from help if something goes wrong. A lot of factors were going through …

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Top prawning tips for southeast Queensland

tips prawning southeast queensland

Bramble Bay, out the front of Clontarf Beach, is my go-to area in Moreton Bay. South of Brisbane, a good place to start is Jacobs Well, as are the power lines, Rocky Point, the Saltworks, Redland Bay and the Logan River. CR: When you’re out chasing prawns, how do you find them? DA: Like when you’re fishing, having a good …

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