Chris Rippon

Tin Can Bay jack comp wrap-up

G’DAY crew, I hope you have all been keeping well over the past few weeks and keeping those rods bent! By all reports most of you have been out wetting a line or two and there have been plenty of stories told in the store lately. A pretty common one has been the number of squid people have been catching. …

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Mangrove jacks in Tin Can Bay

G’DAY crew, hope you are all well and have been able to get out and enjoying our beautiful Tin Can Bay over the holiday period. So how has 2021 been treating you all, full of bent rods and fresh fish I hope? We have been flat out at the shop the past few weeks – our feet have barely had …

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Catch a Christmas feed

I HOPE you have all been keeping well and smacking a few for a feed lately. So, what’s happened in the bay this past month? Well, thumper whiting have been caught, with consistent catches of cracking fish up to 38cm. Christmas feed Customers fishing the mangrove lines at creek mouths on incoming tides have been doing well, but the first …

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October opens up Tin Can Bay options

OVER the past few weeks, we’ve had plenty of tourists through Tin Can Bay. Many came for a day visit to feed a dolphin, others to dust off the caravan and stay a few days, and plenty for a fish and to explore the Great Sandy Straits. The hard stand in the marina has been pumping! Boats have been in …

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Endless options in Tin Can Bay

G’DAY guys and gals, I hope everyone has been keeping well and getting out and wetting a line. With the relaxation in the COVID-19 restrictions early in July and the school holidays, we saw an explosion of boats on the local waterways. This also brought some much-needed tourists back to our region. Now let’s have a look at what has …

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Warmer days bring Tin Can Bay bites

G’DAY crew, I hope everyone had a chance to wet a line over the past few weeks – I know I sure did! I managed to get a few good trips in between work, family life and coming down with bronchitis for a week. Tin Can Bay bites I had a good trip to Hervey Bay with a friend, hunting …

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Quality fishing keeps coming at Tin Can Bay

quality fishing tin can bay

G’DAY fishers. I hope you’ve been keeping well and have been able to get out to catch a couple of quality fish. Our catch and release 2020 Mangrove Jack Fishing Competition wrapped up recently and boy, what a close finish it was! As we said at the start of the comp, it was going to come down to the time …

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Tin Can Bay fishing refreshed

tin can bay fishing refreshed

G’DAY crew! I hope you have managed to stay dry and out of the downpours we’ve had. But how good is this rain!? Good for the sea and great for the land. On the topic of rain, Tin Can Bay copped a proper washdown at the beginning of February, with several locals recording over 350mm in a two-day period and …

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Tactics for fishing Tin Can Bay

fishing tin can bay

G’DAY crew, I hope the silly season treated you well and you were able to get out and wet a line! We got a good run of weather from Christmas right through to the middle of January, which allowed plenty of fishing in Tin Can Bay. We even got a few good downpours to top up the tanks and green …

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