Craig Tomkinson

Craig has been fishing for 45 years and specialises in using bait. Fishing off Double Island Point is his favourite, followed by beach fishing. He also loves fishing Cape York around the Pennefather River.

Success fishing isolated patches of reef

fishing isolated reef

Hi everyone, first up I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and let’s hope the new year is good to us all. fishing isolated reef By now there should be some good pelagic action off Noosa and Double Island. fishing isolated reef Spotted and spanish mackerel should be around on Stingrays and Noosa Hill maybe. fishing isolated reef Jew Shoal, …

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Offshore predictions – crabbing tips

Offshore crabbing

Hi all, with December not far away, what might be going to happen here on the coast? Well, we might start to get bigger southeasterly gusts and more coastal showers and with the wind comes the southeasterly swell, so be careful on our coastal bars. Offshore crabbing Hopefully, the rainfall tally starts to creep up and maybe we’ll get a …

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Exploring Inskip Point and surrounds

Exploring Inskip Point

Hi, with September on its way, hopefully COVID is under control and we’re able to move around more freely. Fishing wise I haven’t been for weeks as, after my two trips north, I’ve sort of had enough of fishing and boats. And I am selling my 5m tinnie! Exploring Inskip Point I’m downsizing and buying a 3.55m Sea Jay Nomad …

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Fish and trips to Cape York – Part 1

WELL, what a great couple of trips I’ve done over the past few months. The first trip was with my friend Dave Kowitz fishing up around Weipa, the second was with my family to the tip of Cape York – our first visit in 30 years. The first trip, Dave and I headed up the Cape – easily the earliest …

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Crabbing after Christmas

WISHING a merry Christmas and happy new year to Ben, his family, the team at BNB and the readers of this great mag and e-mag. What can we expect fishing-wise this month, with January knocking on the door? Well, tuna and mackerel should be around in better numbers, so too sweetlip and mud crabs, sand crabs and spanner crabs – …

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The amazing little Shark Cat

WITH November around the corner, we might be in for an early flood or good rainfall soon. I am sort of torn – I want the rain because it fills my tanks, and flushes out the creeks and rivers. The fishing in close off Noosa and Double Island is great. Shark Cat But if we get a flood in November, …

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Annual camping trip to Weipa

MY annual trip north with my friend Dave is over, but it was a cracker. We weren’t sure if we’d get to Weipa to begin with because people on the northern forums said it was closed for the rest of the year due to COVID-19. Weipa camping A good friend, who was heading north to camp at the same spot …

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4WDing into Stanage Bay

WITH August just around the corner, and the snapper and pearl perch spawning closure in place for the first time, I think it’s a great thing and will only help fish stock build up. I have not been fishing for weeks because I lost my mojo with COVID-19 and I’m waiting to head off on my annual fishing trip once …

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Northern Australia is epic and enjoyable

northern australia devils marbles

FOLLOWING on from earlier in the year, I had spent about three weeks camped in northern Australia at Pennefather River on Cape York. My mates started packing up but I was planning on staying another week in beautiful northern Australia. Then I heard my mate Darren say to the other boys they were going to slowly free camp their way …

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Impromptu trip to Fraser with the fam

impromptu trip

HI, it’s Craig Tomkinson here. Before we get into my pre-COVID-19 impromptu trip to Fraser Island with the family… how was the late rain season? It turned up like it does most years, when school starts back for first term. We had fantastic soaking rain as well as some very heavy downpours. About 200-400mm has fallen around the area so far. We only …

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