Heath Zygnerski

Heath has been fishing since the age of three and grew up fishing the mighty Georges and Hawkesbury rivers.

Nab a snapper before the closure

WINTER on the Gold Coast can only mean one thing – snapper! As the water temperature has slowly slid into the low 20s and the hard southern current ebbs, snapper move back onto the local reefs to fatten up and spawn. With them will come yellowtail kingfish, jewfish, pearl perch and cobia, which makes every drop a lucky dip where …

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Gold Coast mackerel action predicted

AUTUMN is here, and that means the temperature will start to taper off, but not the fishing! As we head into the cooler months, the fishing on the Gold Coast will hit fever pitch in April and May. Traditionally at this time of year, the size of the fish you dare to catch is only limited to the size of …

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Post-flood pelagics action

IS it me or is 2021 heading down the same path as 2020? Either way, the only thing that may keep fishers sane is fishing, and plenty of it is happening. With horrid weather in December, fish came out firing soon after the rain had cleared and much sooner than I thought they would. Usually when we get a deluge, …

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Pursuing pelagics in summer

AT the time of writing, there have been a few spotted mackerel caught on local reefs, along with several very under-sized spanish mackerel. The water temperature has been rising slowly but not as quickly as in previous years. As we head into hot weather, the water temperature has teetered on 23C ,and if the northerly wind comes in it plummets …

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Horizon offshore set-up

SUMMER is here and that means it’s mackerel time! It’s been a long year and I haven’t spent nearly as much time on the water as I’d liked in the Aquaholic. But after doing the full brake service on her, I thought I’d show off the baby of the fleet Banter. Banter is a 435 Horizon EasyFisher that terrorises creeks …

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Fun while waiting for mackerel to arrive

AS we head into summer, the fish on everyone’s lips is mackerel. Anglers are already waiting with bated breath for the imminent arrival of the oceanic speedsters. We’ve started to see a few wahoo arrive and we’ve had a good run of doggy mackerel in the Gold Coast Broadwater recently, which is super unseasonal. I personally haven’t been out on …

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Things shaken and stirred on Gold Coast

shaken and stirred

WHEN it rains, it pours. And pour it did, with some parts of the Gold Coast shaken and stirred, copping 500mm or more. You can’t deny we needed it though, and boy was it good to hear rain on the roof. With all the creeks and estuaries in flood, the systems are receiving a well-overdue flush. The wet can really change things on …

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Gold Coast mackerel off to a good start

gold coast mackerel fishing

SUMMER is well and truly here and so are the spotted mackerel on the Gold Coast. With a very slowly climbing water temperature, everyone was anticipating the Gold Coast mackerel turning up in November like they have in recent years. But this was mostly to do with the early arrival of warm water. In reality, while you may get the …

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Golden month of fishing on Gold Coast

golden month gold coast fishing

HOW crazy has the fishing been? The Gold Coast has had a golden month, with what seems like fish jumping on anything that hits the water, and it shows no sign of slowing as the weather remains stable. With the current bringing that warm nutrient-filled water down from the north, the fish have followed in their masses. On the local …

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Boys’ trip to Fraser Island

fraser island boys trip

WITH the fishing and weather patchy on the Gold Coast, we recently headed up to Fraser Island for a boys’ trip away. With 21 bodies involved, organising is no easy task and with so many people you need to do things on a large scale. By that, I mean a fridge/freezer trailer is a requirement, along with big generators and …

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