Paul 'Chief' Graveson

Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain, towing in comfort


Hi all, we’ve just had the pleasure of picking up our new Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain from Bundaberg Motor Group, or BMG as its locally known. I was so impressed by the service and the sales staff’s knowledge. We knew what we required in the vehicle, so when we were in Brisbane, we spoke to several dealerships… to dot the i’s …

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A beautiful blue bottle story

Blue bottle

Hi all, Christmas is a special time for families and friends – a time of giving and a time of being thankful for the gifts in our lives. This story begins at the Seventeen Seventy boat ramp, where I noticed a crowd had gathered beside the Volunteer Marine Rescue building. Four jet skis approached the boat ramp to an overwhelming …

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Beaut escape to Boynedale Bush Camp

Boynedale Bush Camp

Hi all, what a wet start we’ve had to our cooler months and it’s been a long time since we’ve seen the countryside so green. Boynedale Bush Camp The rain and southeast wind have supplied our coastline with almost cyclonic weather at times and surf conditions have certainly been memorable. With the rain clearing and a little chill in the …

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Life through the lens

Hi all, what I love about living in a rural Queensland town is the strong sense of community. Living in Queensland There is never a shortage of creative characters who live in these special towns and many have entwined their craft with the everyday existence of local families. Living in Queensland Here at Agnes Water, you don’t have to look …

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The stranger side of travel

Hi all, when you’re out in the Queensland bush travelling, you get to see the wonderful sights and explore the country, and occasionally you come across unusual occurrences that can’t be rationally explained. Now, these are only accounts without facts, however sometimes you can tell by body language and reaction that something strange had been experienced and left the person …

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Safe travel through Gulf country

Safe travel Gulf

Hi all, the Gulf country of northwestern Queensland is a vast area of isolated stations, towns and diverse landscapes. Safe travel Gulf It has the ability to sneak up on the unwary and give you a swift kick in the behind if you’re not careful, but a bit of common sense and awareness can keep your family safe while enjoying …

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From small boats come big advantages

small boats advantages

Hi all, most days you’ll find us starting the day at Latino Coffee, situated opposite the local service station at Agnes Water, having a coffee. When the weather is good, we watch the endless parade – of what I call the ‘top end of the market’ – trailable fishing boats fuel up in preparation to explore the southern reef systems …

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Porcupine Gorge a place to remember

Porcupine Gorge

Hi all, travelling Queensland during the pandemic has been a special experience, mainly due to the lockdowns that have kept many southern travellers from their winter pilgrimages to western Queensland and the northern regions. The vast openness of our state is accentuated when the roads feel a little more isolated than usual. I feel so blessed to be living in …

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Back on the road again – destination Mt Isa

destination Mt Isa

Hi all, we’ve been blessed to find ourselves living in Agnes Water and have enjoyed setting up our new home base, but the yearning for spending time on the road is never far from our thoughts. It’s a special feeling leaving our driveway, watching the towing mirror as the van settles behind the Isuzu D-Max, and any thoughts of work …

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Trust your friends and ask

HI all, what a fantastic winter it has been on the beaches of the discovery coast. Watching the kids and families enjoying the oceanic lifestyle, especially during the July holidays, has been a special treat. Mud crab captures continued in good numbers up until July and areas such as Baffle Creek provided many with good hauls. ask friends Have a …

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