Flathead, sharks and stonker squid


Well, February has arrived again and so far, it’s looking better than the February we had in 2022! Last year, we did a ‘random act of kindness’ on behalf of Robert from RWM Cleaning and Maintenance. This year, Robert has done it again. Fifty packets of prawns were randomly given out to unsuspecting customers – the packets were received by …

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Squid and flatty on gold coast

If the next few weeks are anything like the past couple have been, we’re all in for a real treat. Both gold coast inshore and offshore fisheries have been out of control, with numerous prized catches coming in from everywhere. Let’s start with inshore first. Only 100m from the gold coast boat ramp I launch from, there were squid galore. …

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Tips to target arrow squid

Arrow squid

AUGUST is a bumper month for flathead, flounder, winter whiting, tailor, school mackerel, bream and arrow squid in the Gold Coast Broadwater and the Nerang River. I love catching all of these species for the customers on my daily charters and prefer to release most of the fish, though keeping a few legal fish for a feed is also fine. …

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Targeting arrow squid in the Straits

THE winter months in The Great Sandy Strait produces some nice arrow squid. Targeting arrows is a great way to enjoy a day on the water with the family and an awesome way to put some food on the dinner table. This is a simple style of fishing – all you need is light gear such as a 7’ 2-4kg …

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Winter species still strong on Gold Coast

WINTER has flown by and we are already almost into spring, though our winter species here on the Gold Coast will still be in full swing. Here in Queensland we have just experienced our first year of the snapper and pearl perch closure, which was in effect until August 15, meaning you could not target or keep either of these …

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Two months fishing Moreton Bay

months fishing Moreton

HERE’S a rundown of my two months fishing Moreton Bay, mainly targeting pelagics and whiting (I did very little reef fishing), with most of the departures from Whyte Island and Manly. The end of December was the beginning of our two months fishing Moreton Bay and the lead-up to the new year got off to a good start, with plenty …

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Squidding in Moreton Bay

squidding moreton bay

When reeling squid in, keep them in the water and don’t lift them out because when you do, they tend to fire ink, and in a kayak it’s likely to be right at you. Once alongside, slide the net under the squid and point the top of the tube in your direction so any ink gets shot away from you, …

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How to Catch Tiger Squid in the Shallows

I have mentioned sight fishing in shallow water, and by shallow I mean don’t discount squid in 30cm of water at low tide amongst rocks and weed. Fish this very shallow water as you walk out to the deeper areas. If you don’t, you might spook the squid in the shallows and they will bolt away. The squid that spook and bolt …

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Stalking Tiger Squid in Moreton Bay

If the candles are tucked downwards and along the underside of the body while moving towards the jig, this usually means they are just following the jig to investigate further and you may need to change the retrieve or change jigs to get a take. If they approach the jig with their candles in front of their eyes, expect the …

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Sneaky squid session

Changing to a 4g jig gave me enough distance to reach the back of the target area and allowed me to slowly work along the bank, keeping the old 10’ glass rod high to compensate for the weight of the 4g jig over the shallow reef. The only modern aspect to the rod and reel combination that has changed since …

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