Wayne 'Youngy' Young

Wayne started fishing seriously 22 years ago, and 19 years ago moved to the Broadwater region on the Gold Coast because it had the best and biggest whiting in southeast Queensland, which is still true to this day. He works most Saturdays at Oxenford BCF and spends almost all the rest of his time fishing and crabbing the Broadwater and the rivers that run into it. Since moving there he has discovered that despite a lot of boat traffic it is still a great place to fish, with an amazing variety of species to catch.

Tips for big summer whiting

IF you’re a summer whiting fisho like me, Christmas comes early, with this month as good as it gets. Tips for big summer whiting: No more travelling miles up the Nerang River to find fish because they are on the move downstream to spawn. This means fishing the area between Sundale Bridge and Isle of Capri will get you a …

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Sportfishing fun on Gold Coast

sportfishing gold coast

HI everyone, at the time of writing we still haven’t had any decent rainfall here on the Gold Coast. I hope by the time you’re reading this we have had heaps. The dry conditions are really starting to make fishing a bit difficult. The best fishing since Christmas has been for marlin offshore and mangrove jack inshore. You can target …

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Wonderful whiting on the way

wonderful whiting

BOTH the air and water temps are warming and this means a lot of us will be looking forward to wonderful whiting fishing in the Nerang and Coomera rivers. While you can catch whiting all year round on the Gold Coast, it is at this time of year when they become more plentiful and easier to find. For the next …

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Gold Coast snapper and whiting biting

gold coast snapper and whiting

I am not sure where they are feeding on the run-in tide but I’m still looking. Another thing that has been noticeable this season is the week between the new and full moons has fished as well, if not better, than the weekend around the full and new moons. While Gold Coast whiting will eat a variety of baits as …

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Good fish about in Broadwater

Mud crabs love whiting frames as bait but we have also had success with reef fish frames. The best shop-bought bait will always be mullet chopped in half to allow plenty of scent into the water. While the water stays clean, sand crabs are around as well, with the mouth of the Nerang River providing the better-quality sandies. This is …

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Catching Sand and Mud Crabs on the Gold Coast

Around the mouth of the Nerang, the underwater rock wall that runs from The Southport School boat shed to the mouth of the canal on the other side of the river is a consistent spot for a feed of bream. With three bridges now running across the river near the Sundale boat ramp, this is another good spot in which to …

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Good Fishing on the Gold Coast

These fish can be a bit tedious to clean but are beautiful eating – almost as nice as whiting. The recent summer whiting season in the Nerang River was a bit different to seasons past, with a lot less rain than normal seeing the moon phases influencing the numbers and quality of fish more than usual. Good numbers of excellent-quality whiting …

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The Right Gear for Whiting

Float lining for snapper is an easy and very effective way to consistently catch fish, and when you’re trying to fish a new area or target a new species, keeping it simple is best. A 6-8kg rod, 5000-size reel loaded with 20lb braid and a 30lb leader make up the gear needed, along with a gang of three 4/0 to …

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Recent rain revitalised Broadwater region

The area between Crab Island and the mouth of the Coomera River is the place to find them. The best spot for tailor south of the Seaway has been the eastern edge of the main channel to Marina Mirage, fishing at the top of the tide or just on dark. Now I must confess the past couple of months for me …

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